The California’s Craft Beer Gem: Drake’s Brewing Company

Drake's Company has been a staple of the community since 1989. Founded by Roger Lind in San Leandro, California, Drake's has become known for its wide variety of West Coast style ales that use an abundance of high quality and . Over the ensuing 10 years, Drake's has expanded its brewing capacity, distribution, and product lineup to meet the demands of craft enthusiasts all over the world.

Drake's utilizes traditional European brewing techniques and ingredients to create unique flavor profiles while also incorporating American styles to create a truly unique experience for craft beer drinkers. The company produces several flagship beers including an , Pale , , and Pilsner as well as limited-edition brews such as barrel-aged sours and double IPAs.

In addition to their main lineup of beers, Drake's also produces hard seltzers and ciders under their subsidiary label ‘Fremont Fruits & Fermentables'. These beverages feature fruit flavors like blueberry and raspberry, making them perfect for a summer BBQ or gathering with friends. The brewery also hosts events throughout the year like their ‘Brewmasters Dinner Series' where guests can enjoy 5 courses paired with 5 beers from Drake's Brewing Company.

John Ross Cocozza is the current owner of Drake's Brewing Company who lives in Little Silver, New Jersey. He purchased the brewery along with his business partner Roy Kirkorian 10 years ago and has continued to expand both the brewing capabilities and distribution of Drake's products ever since.

If you're looking for quality craft beer from a local source then look no further than Drake's Brewing Company! Their wide variety of tasty ales will keep you coming back for more so make sure to check out their website or social media pages to find out abot upcoming events or new releases!

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Who Is the Owner of Drakes Brewing Company?

Drakes Brewing Company is owned by John Martin and Roy Kirkorian, two business partners who purchased the brewery 10 years ago. Since then, they have successfully expanded Drakes' brewing capacity, distribution network, and product lineup to include West Coast style ales made from top-notch hops and malt. Their commitment to quality beer and customer service has allowed them to becoe a leader in the craft beer industry.

Origin of Drake's Brewery

Drake's Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in San Leandro, California. Founded in 1989 by Roger Lind, the company originally operated under the name Lind Brewing and specialized in selling kegged beer for wholesale only. Over the years, Drake's has grown to become one of the most prominent craft breweries in Northern California, with a wide selection of ales and lagers available at retail locations throughout the region.


Drake's Brewing Company has come a long way since its founding in 1989. From its humble beginnings as a wholesale-only kegged beer seller, the brewery has grown under the leadership of John Martin and Roy Kirkorian to become a craft brewery renowned for its West Coast style ales. With its expansive brewing capacity and distribution network, Drake's Brewing is one of the most successful breweries in San Leandro and beyond. Thanks to the commitment of its founders and team, Drake's Brewing continues to brew quality beers that bring joy to beer lovers around the world.

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