The Benefits of Engine Gin

Illva Saronno, an Italian company, has recently launched a new craft organic brand in the UK called Engine Gin. This gin is made from 100% Italian and organic ingredients, each of which has its own unique properties. Engine Gin is the brainchild of former fashion and spirits consultant, Paolo Dalla Mora, who wanted to create a natural and organic gin with a distinct taste and character.

The key ingredients of Engine Gin are sage, rose, lemon, and licorice root. These ingredients are not only delicious, but also offer several health benefits. Sage is known for its relaxing properties, while rose is a natural mood enhancer. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, while licorice root aids digestion.

The gin is distilled at Torino Distillati in Italy, which is famous for producing some of the finest gins in the world, including the popular Malfy Gins. Engine Gin is vacuum distilled from a base of wheat and canned at 42% ABV, which means that it contans 37.5% pure . However, the alcoholic strength of gin can vary widely, with most widely available gin brands being 40% ABV or higher.

One of the unique features of Engine Gin is its packaging. The gin comes in a sustainable tin inspired by oil cans, which is both stylish and practical. The tin is easy to carry and store, making it perfect for outdoor events, picnics, and parties. The packaging also reflects the brand's commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Engine Gin is a refreshing and distinctive gin that offers a natural and organic alternative to traditional gins. Its unique combination of ingredients and packaging make it a perfect choice for those who are looking for something different. Whether you are a gin enthusiast or just starting out, Engine Gin is definitely worth a try.

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The Role of the Engine in Gin

Engine Gin is a type of spirit that is made from a blend of organic Italian ingredients. One of the key components of this gin is a sage and lemon cordial that was traditionally used as a natural digestive. Engine Gin is made using 100% organic ingredients, each with prophylactic properties. The Ligurian sage and Damask rose in the gin are used to promote relaxation, while the Calabrian licorice root helps aid digestion. Engine Gin is a unique blend of organic Italian ingredients, with a focus on promoting relaxation and aiding digestion.

The Manufacturer of Engine Gin

Engine gin is made by Illva Saronno, an Italian spirits company. The brand was founded by Paolo Dalla Mora, a former fashion and spirits consultant. Engine gin is a craft organic gin that comes packaged in a sustainable tin inspired by oil cans.

Origin of Engine Gin

Engine Gin is made at Torino Distillati located in Italy. Torino Distillati is a renowned distillery in the gin industry and is popularly known for producing Malfy Gins. The distillery uses a vacuum distillation process to create Engine Gin, which is made from a wheat base and infused with licorice, sage, rose, and lemon. The gin is canned at 42% ABV, making it a strong and flavorful spirit.


Engine Gin is a unique and organic craft gin brand that boasts a combination of Italian ingredients that are both prophylactic and taste delicious. The use of Ligurian sage, Damask rose, Calabrian licorice root, and lemon make it perfect for relaxation and digestion. Distilled at Italy's Torino Distillati, the gin is vacuum distilled from a base of wheat and canned at 42% ABV making it a strong yet smooth drink. The sustainable tin packaging inspired by oil cans is not only environmentally friendly but also aesthetically pleasing. Engine Gin is a great addition to any gin lover's collection and is defnitely worth trying.

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