The Perfect Glass for a Perfect G&T

Have you ever wondered what type of glassware is best when it comes to enjoying a and tonic? While there are many options available, the most popular used today include highball, copa, and balloon glasses. Each of these glasses has unique design qualities that enhance the flavor of your G&T. Let's take a closer look at each glass and explore which one may be right for you.

Highball Glasses
Highball glasses are tall, slender glasses often used for beverages with high volumes of ice such as G&Ts. They are a great choice for those who want to show off their botanicals while still enjoying a refreshing summer drink. Highball glasses offer versatility as they can also be used for .

Copa – The Authentic Gin Glass
The Copa or Balloon glass is shaped like a bulbous glass, but on a stem. It was originally developed by the Spanish to enjoy their favorite spirit — gin. The bulbous shape traps aromas from the gin while allowing plenty of space for ice and lime slices. When it comes to achieving all the pleasure from your G&T, this type of glass is ideal!

Balloon Glasses
Balloon glasses are similar in shape to copas, but larger in size with an even more bulbous bowl-like shape. This allows for an even greater presence of aromas and flavors from your gin when combined with tonic and othr mixers. If you're looking for a truly luxurious experience when sipping on your favorite gin and tonic, then this type of glass may be best suited for you!

No matter which type of glass you choose to enjoy your G&T in, make sure that you always use quality ingredients and enjoy responsibly!

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The Correct Glass for Gin and Tonic

The correct glass for a gin and tonic is a highball glass. Highball glasses are ideal for serving G&Ts because they allow enough room to add plenty of ice and mixers, while still displaying the botanicals of the gin. These glasses are also versatile, as they can be used to serve both cocktails and G&Ts. Another option is a copa glass, which is larger than a highball glass and has a stem that keeps your hand from warming the drink. This makes it perfect for serving G&Ts and showing off the botanicals in the gin.

The Reason Behind the Unique Shape of Gin Glasses

Gin glasses are typically shaped like a ‘balloon' in order to enhance the taste of the drink. The unique shape of the glass traps the aromas from the gin, allowing for more intense flavor when sipped. Additionally, the wider base of the glass provides plenty of room for ice and lime, which helps to bring out the botanical notes in gin. This allows for a more balanced and enjoyable drinking experience.


When it comes to serving a Gin and Tonic, there are a variety of glasses that can be used. Highball glasses are the most versatile option as they are suitable for both G&Ts and cocktails. However, if you want to really bring out the unique botanicals of the gin, then a copa or balloon-shaped glass is the ideal choice. By trapping the aromas of the gin and providing ample space for ice and lime, these glasses make for an enjoyable drinking experience that can't be matched by traditional tumblers or highball glasses.

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