Franco-Belges Pilsen Malt

When it comes to that perfect pilsner, the choice of is crucial. One of the most popular and highly regarded options for creating this classic style is Franco Belges Pilsen Malt. Known for its exceptional quality and ability to produce outstanding results, Franco Belges Pilsen Malt is a favorite among brewers worldwide.

Franco Belges Pilsen Malt is made from carefully selected, two-row spring barley. This high-quality base malt is specially crafted to meet the exacting standards of professional brewers. With its pale-straw color, Franco Belges Pilsen Malt adds a beautiful hue to your wort, creating a visually appealing beer.

The flavor profile of Franco Belges Pilsen Malt is mild and malty-sweet, with delicate hints of honey. This subtle sweetness perfectly complements the crispness and refreshing nature of a well-crafted pilsner. The result is a well-balanced beer that tantalizes the taste buds and leaves you wanting more.

To make the most of Franco Belges Pilsen Malt, it is important to understand its characteristics and how to incorporate it into your brewing process. As a base malt, Franco Belges Pilsen Malt forms the foundation of your pilsner recipe.

When mashing, you can expect Franco Belges Pilsen Malt to provide excellent enzymatic activity, ensuring efficient conversion of starches into fermentable sugars. This leads to a higher level of fermentability and a drier finish, which is characteristic of many pilsners.

In terms of flavor contribution, Franco Belges Pilsen Malt imparts a clean and smooth taste, allowing other ingredients such as to shine. This malt acts as a canvas for the hops, providing a solid backbone that allows their unique flavors and aromas to take center stage.

When it comes to choosing hops to complement Franco Belges Pilsen Malt, there are several options to consider. Traditionally, Saaz hops are a popular choice due to their mild, slightly spicy, herbal, and earthy characteristics. These hops provide a balanced bitterness that harmonizes with the malty sweetness of Franco Belges Pilsen Malt.

For a touch of German influence in your Belgian Pils, you may consider hopping with Hallertau or Tettnang varieties. These hops bring their own unique flavors and aromas to the table, adding a subtle twist to your pilsner recipe.

Franco Belges Pilsen Malt is a top choice for brewers looking to create exceptional pilsners. With its pale-straw color, mild malty-sweet flavor, and versatility in the brewing process, Franco Belges Pilsen Malt provides a solid foundation for your beer.

Whether you're a professional brewer or a homebrewing enthusiast, experimenting with Franco Belges Pilsen Malt will open up a world of possibilities for crafting the perfect pilsner. So grab a bag of this exceptional malt, and let your creativity flow as you embark on your brewing journey. Cheers!

franco belges pilsen malt

What Is Pilsner Pale Malt?

Pilsner Pale Malt is a specific type of malt used in the production of pale beers. It is made from two-row spring barley, which is a variety of barley that has been specially cultivated for brewing purposes. During the malting process, the barley undergoes a high level of modification, meaning that the proteins in the grain are broken down to a greater extent. This is important because it helps to create a more stable and clear beer.

After malting, the pilsner malt is kilned to achieve a very light color. The color value is typically between 2.5 to 4 on the European Brewery Convention (EBC) scale, which is approximately equivalent to 1.5° to 2.1° Lovibond. This exceptionally blonde color is desirable for brewing pale lagers, as it contributes to the beer's characteristic light golden hue.

Pilsner Pale Malt is a key ingredient in the production of pilsner-style beers, which originated in the Czech city of Pilsen. These beers are known for their crisp and clean flavor profile, with a balanced malt sweetness and a moderate hop bitterness. The use of pilsner malt helps to achieve this flavor profile by providing a light and delicate malt character.

Pilsner pale malt is a highly modified malt made from two-row spring barley that is kilned to a very light color. It is used in the production of pale lagers, such as pilsner-style beers, to create a crisp and clean flavor profile.


Franco Belges Pilsen malt is a premium German-style base malt that is highly regarded among brewers for its exceptional quality and characteristics. This malt is made from specifically selected two-row spring barley, which undergoes a meticulous malting process to ensure optimum protein degradation and flavor development.

One of the standout features of Franco Belges Pilsen malt is its pale-straw color, which contributes to the light and crisp appearance of the resulting beer. This malt imparts a mild, malty-sweet flavor with subtle notes of honey, adding depth and complexity to the brew. The flavor profile is well-balanced, with a slight spiciness and herbal undertones, which can complement a wide range of beer styles.

The high-quality of Franco Belges Pilsen malt is evident in its exceptional brewing performance. It has excellent enzymatic activity, ensuring efficient starch conversion during the mashing process. This results in a well-fermented and highly drinkable beer with a clean and refreshing finish.

When it comes to brewing a Belgian Pils, Franco Belges Pilsen malt is a top choice. Its delicate flavor profile allows the hops to shine, while providing a solid malt backbone. It is versatile enough to be used as a base malt in other beer styles as well, offering brewers the opportunity to experiment and create unique brews.

Franco Belges Pilsen malt is a top-quality ingredient that is trusted by brewers worldwide. Its exceptional brewing performance, pale-straw color, and malty-sweet flavor make it an excellent choice for brewing a wide range of beers, particularly pilsners and other light lagers. Whether you are a professional brewer or a homebrew enthusiast, using Franco Belges Pilsen malt will undoubtedly elevate the quality and taste of your brews.

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