Hangar 24’s Iconic Orange Wheat Beer

Hangar 24 is a renowned craft brewery that has gained a reputation for producing exceptional beers with a Southern California flair. Among their impressive lineup of core products is the Hangar 24 Orange Wheat, a refreshing and flavorful American Wheat brewed with oranges.

The Hangar 24 Orange Wheat is a Belgian-style wheat ale that incorporates orange peel into the brewing process. This addition lends a subtle sweetness to the , perfectly complementing its bright and citrusy aroma. The use of oranges in the brewing process adds a unique twist to the traditional wheat ale style, making it a standout choice for beer enthusiasts.

When enjoying a glass of Hangar 24 Orange Wheat, you can expect a crisp and refreshing taste with a pleasant citrus undertone. The orange peel infusion enhances the overall flavor profile, providing a delightful balance between the wheat base and the fruity notes. The result is a beer that is both light and flavorful, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a refreshing and easy-to-drink brew.

To enhance the citrus aroma and taste, Hangar 24 suggests garnishing the beer with a slice of orange. This simple addition heightens the sensory experience, allowing the drinker to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant citrus notes of the beer.

Hangar 24 Brewing was founded by a pilot named Ben Cook, who had a dream of starting his own craft brewery. Inspired by his friends' favorite hangout spot, Cook named the brewery Hangar 24, paying homage to the camaraderie and passion for shared among pilots. Since its inception, Hangar 24 Craft Brewing has been dedicated to producing high-quality beer that embodies the spirit of Southern California.

Hangar 24 Orange Wheat is a Belgian-style wheat ale that stands out for its use of oranges in the brewing process. The addition of orange peel lends a subtle sweetness and bright citrus aroma to the beer, making it a refreshing and flavorful choice. With its crisp taste and balanced flavor profile, Hangar 24 Orange Wheat is a fantastic option for those looking to enjoy a unique and satisfying craft beer experience.

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Who Owns Hangar 24?

Hangar 24 Craft Brewing is owned by Ben Cook, one of the pilots who had the idea to start the brewery. Ben Cook is the founder and owner of Hangar 24 Craft Brewing.

What Wheat Beer Is Served With Orange Slice?

The wheat beer that is typically served with an orange slice is called Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale. This particular beer is brewed with orange peel, which adds a subtle sweetness and bright, citrus aroma to the flavor profile. The addition of the orange slice as a garnish further enhances the citrus aroma and taste of the beer. The use of an orange slice is a common practice when serving Blue Moon® Belgian White, as it complements the beer's refreshing and citrusy characteristics.

What Type Of Beer Is Hangar 24?

Hangar 24 Brewing offers a variety of beer styles to cater to different preferences. They have six core products that are loved by beer enthusiasts. Let's take a closer look at each of these beers:

1. Orange Wheat: This beer is a refreshing American Wheat Ale infused with natural orange zest. It provides a crisp and citrusy flavor, making it perfect for those who enjoy a light, fruity beer.

2. Betty : Hangar 24's Betty IPA is a classic West Coast-style India Pale Ale. It is known for its hop-forward character, featuring a robust bitterness and a vibrant aroma. This beer is a great choice for hop lovers looking for a bold and flavorful IPA.

3. Aventura Mexican Style : If you're in the mood for something different, Hangar 24 offers the Aventura Mexican Style Lager. This beer is inspired by the traditional Mexican lagers and is brewed with premium malted barley and a touch of corn. It delivers a smooth and crisp taste with a hint of sweetness.

4. Blonde Ale: Hangar 24's Blonde Ale is a light and easy-drinking beer that appeals to a wide range of palates. It is characterized by its smooth maltiness and subtle hop presence. This beer is a go-to choice for those who prefer a balanced and approachable brew.

5. Iconic Double IPA: For the hop connoisseurs seeking a hop bomb, Hangar 24 offers the Iconic Double IPA. This beer packs a punch with a higher content and an intense hop profile. Expect a bold and resinous flavor with a strong bitterness.

6. Chocolate Bomber: Hangar 24's Chocolate Bomber is a unique beer that combines the flavors of a Porter with the addition of chocolate. This rich and robust beer features notes of dark chocolate, roasted , and a smooth finish. It's a dessert-like treat for those who enjoy a decadent beer.

Hangar 24 Brewing offers a diverse range of beers, including the refreshing Orange Wheat, hop-forward Betty IPA, smooth Aventura Mexican Style Lager, approachable Blonde Ale, bold Iconic Double IPA, and the indulgent Chocolate Bomber. With these options, beer enthusiasts can find a beer that suits their taste preferences.


Hangar 24 Orange Wheat is a refreshing and unique beer that combines the classic Belgian-Style Wheat Ale with the vibrant flavors of oranges. This brew is carefully crafted to create a subtle sweetness and bright citrus aroma that sets it apart from other wheat ales on the market. The addition of orange peel adds a delightful twist to the traditional wheat ale, enhancing both the aroma and taste of the beer. Hangar 24 Craft Brewing, known for their commitment to quality and their SoCal state of mind, has once again delivered a high-quality and flavorful beer with their Orange Wheat. Whether you're a fan of wheat ales or looking to try something new, Hangar 24 Orange Wheat is definitely worth a taste. So grab a glass, garnish it with an orange slice, and enjoy the refreshing and citrusy goodness of Hangar 24 Orange Wheat.

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