A Toast to 15 Years of Delicious Dimple Scotch Whiskey!

Dimple 15 Years is a truly special and unique whiskey blend. It's been around since the late 1800s, and has gained a reputation over the years as one of the finest blends available. This whiskey is produced by Haig & Haig, which has been responsible for producing some of Scotland's best whiskies for generations.

This Scotch whisky is aged for 15 years in oak , giving it a deep and complex flavor profile. The aging process also helps to bring out subtle notes of toffee, dark chocolate, dried fruits, and spice. The result is a smooth yet robust whiskey that can be enjoyed on its own or in your favorite .

The nose of Dimple Scotch Whiskey 15 Years is qite inviting with aromas of sweet honeyed fruits, soft spices, and light smokiness. On the palate, you will find notes of caramelized apples, ripe pears, and spicy cinnamon. A hint of smoke lingers in the background as well as some subtle peaty notes. The finish is long and smooth with tones of oak and dark chocolate.

As for its appearance, this whiskey has an alluring golden hue that makes it quite attractive in any glass or bottle it's served in. On the whole Dimple Scotch Whiskey 15 Years is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an exceptional blend with an abundance of flavors to explore and savor.

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Is Dimple 15 Years Old an Appropriate Age?

The Dimple 15 year old whisky is a solid offering for those who are looking for a more delicate and subtle whisky. On the nose, it reveals sweet and fruity aromas with hints of honey and caramel. On the palate, it has a light texture with notes of vanilla, oak and spices. The finish is surprisingly smooth with just a hint of smoke. Overall, it's an enjoyable whisky that's great for sipping or mixing in cocktails. While it may not be as bold or complex as some other whiskies, it still provides a pleasant and enjoyable drinking experience.

The Quality of Dimple Whiskey

Yes, Dimple is a very good whiskey. It has a smooth, pleasant taste that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Its flavor profile is sweet and mellow, with notes of honey, toffee and dried fruit. There's also a hint of oak and smoky spices that give it complexity and depth. The finish is balanced and clean, making it an excellent choice for sipping or mixing into cocktails.

The Value of Dimple Bottles

Dimple bottles can be worth something, depending on their age and rarity. Generally speaking, bottles from the 70s, 60s and 50s rarely sell for more than £50. However, very rare or very old limited editions have been known to reach up to £400 at auction. It is important to note that this is not the typical value of Dimple bottles, but rather an exception. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase one of these historical items as an investment, it is best to do your research before making a purchase.


Dimple Scotch Whisky 15 Years is a classic blend that has been around for more than 120 years. This whisky is made with a combination of malts and grains from the Speyside region and aged in oak casks for at least 15 years. It has a delicate yet complex flavor profile that features notes of citrus, honey, , and spices. Its finish is smooth and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for sipping or as part of a classic cocktail. With its high quality ingredients and long aging process, Dimple Scotch Whisky 15 Years is definitely worth trying.

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