Savor the Rich Flavor of Hess Shirtail Creek Chardonnay!

Hess Shirtail Creek Chardonnay is a crisp, clean with refreshing aromas and flavors. This California Chardonnay is created with low oak influence to draw out the wonderful fruit qualities. The aroma of this is filled with notes of apple, white pear and a slight touch of tropical fruits, finished off by honeysuckle. On the palate you'll find a buttery texture that pairs perfectly with poultry and seafood dishes.

This wine may be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature, allowing you to enjoy it in any season. Its well-balanced acidity adds a pleasant tartness that pairs wonderfully with lighter fare such as salads and appetizers. With its complexity and unique flavor profile, Hess Shirtail Creek Chardonnay is sure to become one of your go-to wines for special occasions or just for fun!

Necowine rated this vintage 84 points for its approachable winemaking style and classic flavor profile. Although some might find its sweetness a bit strong or the content too high, it's still an enjoyable experience overall. Whether you're looking for something to pair with lunch or dinner, or just want a nice glass to relax after a stressful day, Hess Shirtail Creek Chardonnay can prvide the perfect escape!

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The Oakiness of Hess Chardonnay

Hess Chardonnay is not overly oaky. The wine has low oak influence, allowing for the crisp and clean flavors of apple, white pear, and a slight touch of tropical fruits to shine through. While there are some hints of oak in the aromas of honeysuckle, it does not overpower the other elements. All in all, Hess Chardonnay offers a well-balanced combination of fruit and oak notes that won't overwhelm the palate.

The Buttery Quality of Hess Select Chardonnay

Yes, Hess Select Chardonnay is a buttery Chardonnay. This creamy white wine has sweet aromas of honey, caramel, and toasted nuts on the nose, followed by flavors of ripe yellow apples, butterscotch, and vanilla on the palate. The velvety texture and smooth finish make this an easy-drinking wine that pairs well with poultry or seafood dishes. Enjoy it chilled for a refreshingly crisp taste.


Hess Shirtail Creek Chardonnay is a buttery, low-oak white wine that offers sweet and fruity aromas and flavors of apple, white pear and tropical fruits. Its crisp and clean character makes it the perfect accompaniment to poultry and seafood dishes, or enjoyed on its own as a refreshing drink after a long day. With its balanced sweetness and alcohol content, it is sure to please both experienced wine drinkers as well as those just starting to explore the world of chardonnay.

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