The Viking Honour of Highland Park 12: An In-Depth Look at Price and Quality

Highland Park 12 Viking Honour is an exquisite single whisky that has been crafted to honor the legendary Norse warriors. This unique spirit features a combination of sweet and smoky flavors blended in perfect harmony, creating a truly memorable experience for any whisky enthusiast.

The whisky itself is made from 100% Highland Park malted barley, which is floor-malted and peat-smoked in traditional kilns. It is then aged for twelve years in first-fill American oak casks to bring out the fullest flavor and complexity. As a result, it has a smooth, earthy taste with notes of dried fruit, honey and light smoke.

In addition to its outstanding taste, Highland Park 12 Viking Honour also comes packaged in an eye-catching ceramic decanter that pays homage to the Viking culture. It's truly a beautiful piece of artwork that makes it ideal for gift giving or collecting.

When it comes to price, Highland Park 12 Viking Honour retails at around $100 per bottle. While this may seem steep at first glance, it's actually quite reasonable when you consider the quality and craftsmanship that goes into producing this unique whisky. Plus, it comes with the added bonus of beig able to enjoy one of Scotland's finest whiskies at home without having to pay bar prices.

All things considered, Highland Park 12 Viking Honour is an excellent single malt Scotch whisky that any true connoisseur should experience at least once in their lifetime. If you're looking for something special – something truly unique – this could be just what you're looking for!

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Assessing the Smokiness of Highland Park 12

Highland Park 12 has a light smoky flavor profile. The smokiness is subtle and not overpowering. It is mostly detectable in the finish, with notes of peat smoke, smoldering embers, and a hint of charred oak. The smoke is balanced by the fruity sweetness of dried fruits and honey, as well as citrus zest, making for a very smooth and pleasant experience.

Is Highland Park 12 Peated?

Yes, Highland Park 12 is peated whisky. The spirit is made with barley malted in the distillery's own floor maltings, and smoked with local peat from the island of Orkney. This peat imparts a unique heathery and rooty character to the whisky, giving it a distinct smoky flavor. Highland Park 12 has an content of 40% and a phenol level of about 15 PPM (parts per million).

The Quality of Highland Park Whiskey

Yes, Highland Park is an excellent whisky. This single malt Scotch is a balanced and complex sherried whisky with notes of fruit, vanilla and a gentle smokiness on the finish. It also comes in a keepsake-worthy ceramic decanter, making it perfect for special occasions. The only downside is its fairly steep price tag, but if you're looking for a high quality whisky that will impress even the most discerning connoisseur then Highland Park is definitely worth considering.

Tasting Notes for Highland Park 12

Highland Park 12 is a complex whisky with a distinctive flavor profile. On the nose, it offers aromas of malt, cocoa and dried dark fruit, along with notes of peat, orchard fruit, char and apricots. There are also subtle hints of inky sherry-like sweetness and grilled fruit. On the palate, expect flavors of malt, smoke and wood layered with fruity notes of char and dried dark fruit. The finish is long and well-balanced, with lingering notes of smoke and oak.

Drinking Highland Park Scotch

Highland Park single malt scotch whisky is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, as its complex flavor profile can be muddled when combined with mixers. If you prefer your whisky diluted, adding a few drops of will open up the aromas and flavors of this special scotch. For thoe who enjoy their whisky with a bit of fizz, club or ginger are great options as they don't overpower the delicate notes in the whisky. However you choose to enjoy your Highland Park single malt scotch whisky, savor it and appreciate all that it has to offer!

Similar Scotch to Highland Park

Highland Park is a scotch whisky from the Orkney Islands, off the North Coast of Scotland. It has a unique flavor profile, characterized by its smoky, peaty notes and sweet honey and heather aromas. Similar scotches to Highland Park would be Bowmore and Brora, whch are both single-malts from Scotland's Islay region. Both are known for their smoky, peaty flavors and feature a lighter sweetness than Highland Park. Other similar scotches include Benrinnes, Caol Ila, Ardmore, Bruichladdich, and Clynelish. Each of these single-malts have their own unique flavor profiles but offer similar characteristics to Highland Park such as smokiness and peatiness.


The Highland Park 12 Viking Honour is a beautifully balanced single malt Scotch whisky with a unique flavor profile. Its nose offers dried fruit, citrus, honey, and light smoke aromas that are complemented by notes of malt, cocoa, and dried dark fruit on the palate. It is finished off with a gentle smokiness on the finish and comes in a keepsake-worthy ceramic decanter. Although it can be quite pricey for some, the Highland Park 12 Viking Honour is definitely worth it for its unique flavor and high quality.

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