Is Efes Beer Good?

Since 1969, the Anadolu Efes Brewery of Turkey has been producing a pilsner-style that has become one of the most popular beers in the country. Not only is it enjoyed domestically but it is also exported to several other countries around the world. Let's take a closer look at this unique and refreshing .

The Taste & Aroma of Efes

Efes is a light-bodied lager with a golden hue and offers moderate bitterness. Its malty flavor is balanced by a subtle sweetness that complements its crisp character and clean finish. It's these characteristics that have helped make it such a popular beer in Turkey and beyond.

The History & Heritage of Efes

Anadolu Efes Brewery first launched its signature pilsner-style lager in 1969, making it one of the longest-running beers produced by the company. Over time, it has become one of their most beloved products, due to its unique flavor profile and classic design. It's an integral part of Turkish culture, offering drinkers an opportunity to experience something truly special.

The Perfect Serving Suggestion for Efes

Efes pairs perfectly with many traditional Turkish dishes such as kebabs, mezes, salads, seafood dishes, or any other savory food that requires something light to complement it. Its refreshing taste also makes it an ideal summertime for outdoor barbecues or gatherings with friends.

Benefits & Advantages of Drinking Efes

Efes contains just 4% content making it perfect for those looking for something light yet flavorful without experiencing too much of an effect from alcohol consumption. It is also vegan friendly so vegans can enjoy it guilt free! Regardless if you are looking for something to pair with your favorite dish or simply looking for a refreshing beverage on warm summer days then Efes could be the perfect choice for you!

Where Is Efes Pilsen From?

Efes Pilsen is a Turkish beer that is brewed by the Amadolu Efes Birac?l?k ve Sanayii A. ?. company.

Is Efes A Turkish Beer?

Yes, Efes is a Turkish beer. It is the most popular beer in Turkey and is brewed by Anadolu Efes, a subsidiary of Heineken.

Efes Pilsner Review

Is Efes Beer Alcoholic?

EFES Alcohol Free 0,0% is a light-bodied, fruity and refreshing alcohol-free beer. It is brewed with the same natural ingredients and unique as the original EFES Pilsner.

Do Turkish People Drink Alcohol?

Yes, Turkish people do drink alcohol. In fact, accordng to the World Health Organization, Turkey has one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption in the world, with an average of 1.5 liters per person.

Rak? is a popular alcoholic beverage in Turkey and is often considered an essential part of Turkish culture. However, beer is also widely consumed, and thre are a number of Turkish brands that are popular both domestically and internationally.


What Does Efes Mean In Turkey?

Efes is a Turkish beer brand. It was originally brewed by the Efes Company, wich was founded in Istanbul in 1969. The company was acquired by Anadolu Efes, a subsidiary of Heineken International, in January 2008.

What Does Efes Mean In English?

Efes is a Turkish brand of beer. The word “efes” is derived from the ancient city of Ephesus, which is located in -day Turkey.

Who Owns Efes Beer?

Efes Beverage Group is a subsidiary of Anadolu Group, wich is the largest Turkish conglomerate. The Efes brewery in ?zmir is the largest in Turkey, and produces the country's most popular beer, Efes Pilsen.

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