Is Myers Original Dark Rum good?

Answered by Matthew Yawn

As an expert sommelier and brewer, I have had the opportunity to taste a wide range of rums, including Myers Original Dark . In my opinion, Myers Original Dark Rum is a decent rum for its price point.

When it comes to tasting this rum, I find that it has a rich and almost earthy flavor profile. There are distinct sweet and peppery spices that come through, giving it a nice complexity. I also pick up notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and , which add sweetness and depth to the overall taste. These flavors combine to create a well-rounded and enjoyable sipping experience.

However, I must note that the finish of Myers Original Dark Rum is a bit on the hot side. This means that it may not be the smoothest option for those looking for a pure sipping rum. That being said, there is a good reason why bartenders around the world reach for Myers to use in a variety of . Its bold flavors and slightly fiery finish can add a kick to mixed drinks, making it a popular choice for creating flavorful and robust cocktails.

In terms of value for the price, I believe Myers Original Dark Rum delivers. It offers a good balance of flavors and complexity, especially considering its affordability. While it may not be the most refined or luxurious rum on the market, it certainly holds its own and provides an enjoyable drinking experience for those seeking a quality rum without breaking the bank.

Personally, I have used Myers Original Dark Rum in various cocktails, such as a classic Dark and Stormy or a rum punch. Its bold flavor profile adds depth and complexity to these drinks, making them more interesting and enjoyable. I have also found that it blends well with other ingredients, allowing for a harmonious balance of flavors in mixed drinks.

Myers Original Dark Rum is a solid choice for those looking for an affordable and flavorful rum. While it may not be the smoothest option for sipping, its richness, sweet and peppery spices, and complex flavors make it a popular choice among bartenders for crafting cocktails. I believe Myers Original Dark Rum offers decent quality for its price and is worth considering for both mixing and sipping purposes.