Is there any alcohol in Iceland?

Answered by Rodney Landry

Is there any in Iceland?

There is alcohol available in Iceland, but the sale and distribution of alcohol are strictly regulated by the government. In order to purchase alcohol, you must go to a special shop called Vinbudin, which is operated by the state. These liquor stores are the only places where you can buy alcoholic beverages, except for low-alcohol , which can be found in regular grocery stores.

The reason for this strict regulation is rooted in Iceland's history and cultural attitudes towards alcohol. In the past, alcohol abuse was a significant problem in the country, and the government implemented strict controls to combat this issue. While these regulations may seem inconvenient to some, they have been effective in reducing alcohol-related problems in Iceland.

Vinbudin stores are typically open from 11 am to 6 pm, and they offer a variety of alcoholic beverages, including , , and beer. They have a wide selection from both domestic and international brands, catering to different tastes and preferences. The staff at Vinbudin stores are knowledgeable and can assist you in choosing the right for your needs.

One thing to note is that alcohol in Iceland can be quite expensive compared to other countries. This is due to high taxes and import duties imposed by the government. So, if you are planning to buy alcohol in Iceland, be prepared to pay a higher price than you might be used to.

It's also worth mentioning that the legal drinking age in Iceland is 20 years old. If you are under the legal drinking age, you will not be allowed to purchase alcohol from Vinbudin or consume it in public places. The government takes this regulation seriously and enforces it strictly.

While the regulations around alcohol in Iceland may seem restrictive, they are in place to ensure responsible consumption and minimize alcohol-related issues. It's important to respect and follow these regulations when visiting the country.

Alcohol is available in Iceland, but it can only be purchased from special government-run liquor stores called Vinbudin. These stores have a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and are open during specified hours. The regulations around alcohol in Iceland are strict but necessary to address historical issues with alcohol abuse. It's important to be aware of and abide by the rules regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol while in Iceland.