The Fruity, Sweet, and Spicy Delights of Jean Louis Chave Selection Cotes du Rhone Mon Coeur!

Jean-Louis Chave is a renowned winemaker from the Rhône Valley in France. He has been producing some of the finest wines in the region sine the 1970s and his name is synonymous with quality. His family has been making in the region for generations, and Jean-Louis is now at the helm of a thriving business.

The Chave family vineyards are located in Hermitage, Tain l'Hermitage and Crozes-Hermitage and they produce some of the most sought ater red wines in all of France. Jean-Louis Chave has developed a unique style that combines traditional methods with techniques to produce wines of exceptional quality.

Jean-Louis Chave Selection Côtes du Rhône Mon Coeur is one of his signature creations. This is made from Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan and Cinsault grapes, which are harvested by hand on the slopes of Hermitage. The wine undergoes traditional vinification method with no added or tannin extractions, resulting in a balanced, fruity and complex flavor profile.

On the palate, this wine offers intense aromas of ripe blackberries and cherries with hints of spices like cloves, nutmeg and white pepper. The tannins are well integrated into a smooth texture that leads to a long finish. This wine pairs especially well with dishes like grilled meats or roasted vegetables as it can stand up to bold flavors while also prviding balance to lighter meals.

For those who seek out value and complexity in teir wines, Jean Louis Chave Selection Cotes du Rhone Mon Coeur is an excellent choice! Its intense aromas, fine tannins and balanced structure make it an ideal accompaniment to any meal or occasion!

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The Sweetness of Cote Du Rhône

Côtes du Rhône Villages wines are generally made in a dry style, meaning that there is no residual sugar present. The wines typically have an acidic and floral profile, with flavors of citrus, white flowers, white pepper and stone fruit. They tend to be light-bodied, with low levels and refreshing acidity.

Is Côtes du Rhône a Sweet Wine?

Cotes du Rhone can be a sweet wine, although it depends on the particular variety. The red wines are generally known for their fruity, sweet and spicy characteristics, often with ripe, red berries. Depending on the variety and vintage, some Cotes du Rhone wines can be relatively dry whie others are noticeably sweet. Certain winemakers may also make sweeter styles by harvesting later or leaving more sugar in the grapes before pressing. Ultimately, it is best to taste each individual wine to determine its sweetness level.

Pairing Food with Cote Du Rhône

Côtes du Rhône wines are a great match for hearty, grilled meats like steak and burgers, as well as chicken and vegetables. The full-bodied, spicy reds really bring out the flavor in these dishes. If you're looking for somethig lighter, try a Côtes du Rhône with pasta dishes such as linguine or fettuccine with shrimp or clams. You'll love the way the crisp acidity of these whites pair perfectly with the seafood's delicate texture. For a truly special pairing, try a bottle of from the same region! Its fruity and floral notes will add a unique twist to your meal.

Serving Temperature for Côtes Du Rhône

Yes, Côtes du Rhône is typically served cold. The ideal temperature range for serving this French red wine is arond 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature allows the flavors of the wine to come through without masking them with heat. The cooler temperature also helps to make the tannins in the wine softer and more approachable. When served at this temperature, Côtes du Rhône can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced wine drinkers alike.

Tasting Notes for Côtes Du Rhône

Côtes du Rhône is a full-bodied red wine with an exquisite flavor profile. It offers ripe, juicy notes of black currant, plum, and spice on the palate, with subtle tannins and a long finish. This easy-drinking wine is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, and Carignan grapes whch creates the signature GSM flavor combination. Enjoy its flavors of dark fruits backed by earthy spices and a touch of minerality.


Jean Louis Chave is a highly acclaimed winemaker from the Rhone Valley of France, best known for his iconic Hermitage wines. He has been producing some of the highest quality red and white wines for over 40 years, making use of traditional winemaking methods to produce tuly exceptional wines. He works with a wide range of grape varieties, including Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Marsanne, to create complex and beautiful wines that are full of flavor and character. Jean Louis Chave's commitment to excellence and passion for wine-making is evident in every bottle he produces, making him an essential name to know in the world of fine French wine.

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