Taste the Refreshing Refresher: Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzer

Are you bored with the same old or wine? Looking for something new and fun to sip on? If you're looking for a refreshing, flavorful, and low- alternative, try Mighty Swell! This seltzer with a kick is quickly becoming the drink of choice among adults.

Mighty Swell is an Austin-based company launched by entrepreneurs Sean Cusack, Clayton Christopher of Deep Eddy Vodka and Daniel Barnes of Treaty Oak and Distilling Company. These three friends wanted to create something unique that would appeal to adults looking for an alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages.

The result is Mighty Swell — a 5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) seltzer made from cold-brewed sugar alcohol. It comes in 12-ounce cans and contais 100 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrates, and 3 grams of sugar per can. Its light flavor comes from natural white grape concentrate, citric acid, natural flavors, potassium citrate, and malic acid. The subtle sweetness complements its citrusy aroma to create a truly delicious beverage.

Compared to most beers or wines that have an ABV ranging from 4-14%, Mighty Swell has just enough alcohol content to give you a slight buzz while still allowing you to maintain control over your drinking behavior. Many people find this milder option much more enjoyable than hard liquor or beer because it doesn't leave them feeling overly intoxicated or sluggish afterwards.

In addition to its low alcohol content, Mighty Swell also has other health benefits that make it an appealing choice for adults looking for something lighter than beer or wine but still want that buzz associated with alcoholic beverages. It's gluten free and contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives — making it a much healthier option than many other drinks available on the market today.

So if you're in need of something new and exciting to enjoy on the weekends or at parties with friends, try out Mighty Swell! It may just be the perfect drink for your next get together — light enough for those who don't want too much alcohol but flavorful enough for those who do!


What Type of Alcohol is Used in Mighty Swell Seltzer?

Mighty Swell seltzer contains a unique type of alcohol known as cold-brewed sugar alcohol. This type of alcohol has 5% alcohol by volume, which is lower than the average ABV found in most beer or . Cold-brewed sugar alcohol is created through a process that uses heat and pressure to produce a syrupy liquid with a very low level of ethyl alcohol. It is then blended with carbonated to create Mighty Swell seltzer, providing a refreshingly light and crisp taste.

The Maker of Mighty Swell Seltzer

Mighty Swell Seltzer is made by a team of entrepreneurs based in Austin, Texas. Founders Sean Cusack, Clayton Christopher (of Deep Eddy Vodka) and Daniel Barnes (of Treaty Oak Brewing and Distilling Company) launched the company in 2016. The trio has crafted a delicious array of craft seltzers using real fruit juices, pure cane sugar and natural flavors, creating an all-natural that's only 90 calories per can. The team also works with local farmers to source the best ingredients for their recipes. Mighty Swell is committed to bing an eco-friendly and sustainable business, utilizing cans made of recycled aluminum and offsetting their carbon emissions.

The Amount of Sugar in Mighty Swell Seltzer

Mighty Swell seltzer contains 3 grams of sugar in each 12-ounce can. That's about the same amount of sugar as you'd find in a small banana or a quarter cup of raisins. With 100 calories and only 3 grams of carbohydrates, this new spiked seltzer is a low-sugar, low-calorie option for those looking to enjoy an alcoholic beverage without adding too many extra calories.

Ingredients in Mighty Swell Seltzer

Mighty Swell seltzer is made with only the finest and freshest ingredients. The main ingredients are Purified Carbonated Water, Alcohol, Natural White Grape Juice from Concentrate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Potassium Citrate and Malic Acid. The seltzer is created with a special blend of these ingredients that provide a refreshing and flavorful beverage. The purified carbonated water proides a crisp and clean base for the other ingredients to build upon. The alcohol gives the drink its signature sparkle while the natural white grape juice from concentrate adds natural sweetness. Citric acid and malic acid create balance while natural flavors provide a unique yet subtle flavor profile. potassium citrate helps to round out the flavor profile and keep everything in balance. All of these ingredients combine to create a delicious and refreshing seltzer that can be enjoyed anytime!

Is Seltzer Alcohol an Alcoholic Beverage?

Seltzer alcohol is typically a kind of neutral spirit, such as vodka or grain alcohol, that is used to give alcoholic seltzers their flavor. It is usually made from fermented grains and can have an ABV (alcohol by volume) of anywhere from 40% to 95%. Neutral spirits are distilled to remove most of the flavor and color from the base ingredients, resulting in a clear, clean-tasting drink. In addition to vodka and grain alcohol, some seltzer alcohols may also be made with fruit-flavored distilled spirits, such as rum or .


Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzers are a refreshing and low-calorie alternative to beer or other alcoholic beverages. With an alcohol by volume of 5%, these seltzers contain only 100 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrates, and 3 grams of sugar per 12-ounce can. The natural white grape juice from concentrate gives the beverage its flavor while citric acid and other natural flavors provide a subtle sweetness. Potassium citrate and malic acid work together to balance the tartness of the drink. Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzers offer a great option for those looking to enjoy an alcoholic beverage without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

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