What Is A Beer Gun?

Craft lovers, rejoice! The beer gun is a revolutionary device that makes it easier than ever to bottle or fill up a growler with your favorite . This handheld gadget is an incredible tool for brewers, home brewers, and beer enthusiasts alike.

What Is a Beer Gun?

At first glance, the beer gun looks like any other handheld device. However, this device has one major difference – its trigger releases beer from a keg when pulled. This allows you to quickly fill bottles or growlers without the need for a traditional counter-pressure filler.

How Does It Work?

The beer gun works by connecting it to the keg via a gas line and CO2 regulator. Once connected, you can pull the trigger on the gun to release the desired amount of beer into whatever container you're using – bottle or growler.

Benefits of Using a Beer Gun

Using a beer gun offers several benefits over traditional counter-pressure fillers:

  • Quick and easy filling – Fill up bottles or growlers in seconds with no mess thanks to the trigger mechanism on the gun.
  • Cost-effective – The initial cost of buying the gun is often much less than what you would pay for a counter-pressure filler. Additionally, there are no additional costs associated with using it as you would with gas cylinders for counter-pressure fillers.
  • Less waste – With no need for carbon dioxide cylinders or other materials associated with traditional filling methods, there is less waste created when using a beer gun.

Tips for Using Your Beer Gun

Using your beer gun properly will help ensure that your craft beers remain in perfect condition until they reach their destination:

  • Clean thoroughly before use – Before each use, make sure to give your gun an extensive cleaning by running warm through it and scrubbing away any residue with soft brushes or cloths. •
  • Monitor pressure levels – Make sure that the pressure regulator stays within an acceptable range at all times (typically between 10-30 psi) while filling your containers in order to prevent any overfill accidents or foam buildup in your bottles/growlers. •
  • Use recommended hoses – Always use hoses recommended by manufacturers as these are usually specially designed for optimal performance with your particular model of gun.
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Is A Beer Gun Worth It?

There is no doubt that a beer gun will improve your beer. The beer gun allows you to purge oxygen from the bottle before filling, which helps to prevent oxidation and improve the shelf life of your beer. It also eliminates the need to use a bottling wand, which can introduce oxygen and bacteria into your beer. Overall, the beer gun is a much more effective way to bottle your beer and results in a higher quality product.

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What Is A Pluto Gun?

A Pluto Gun is a cylindrical beer dispensing tool that uses a CO2 cartridge to push beer out of a keg and into a glass. The gun has a trigger that you pull to release the CO2 and push the beer.

How to Bottle Beer Using Blichmann BeerGun

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