The Perfection of New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon Reviews

New Riff Single Barrel is a unique , made with 30% in the mashbill and aged four years in 53-gallon toasted and charred new oak . Founded by Ken Lewis, a visionary Kentucky liquor retailer and entrepreneur, New Riff has crafted a range of whiskeys—Bourbon, Rye, and eventually Malted Rye and a host of specialty recipes—as well as Kentucky Wild .

When you first try New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon, you'll notice its sweet aroma with notes of honey, caramel, tangerine, dried citrus peel, vanilla, and herbal dill. On the palate you'll discover deeper flavors of fennel and thyme with a hint of licorice. This is a whiskey that is smooth yet complex on the tongue with an impressive depth of flavor.

All New Riff whiskeys are made with the full sour mash Kentucky Regimen; all carry an age statement and are always bottled without chill filtration so that you can taste all of the flavors that have been aged into it over four years. That's why it's no surprise that New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon has been garnering rave reviews from whiskey aficionados arond the world. The whiskey has also been praised for its consistency batch after batch due to its adherence to strict distilling guidelines.

So if you're looking for something unique yet classic to add to your collection then consider giving New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon a try. It's sure to make an impression among your friends or family at any gathering!

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Tasting Notes for New Riff Single Barrel Whiskey

New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon offers an impressive blend of flavors. On the nose, you will experience notes of honey, caramel, and freshly opened tangerine, along with dried citrus peel and a hint of vanilla. The palate is full of herbal notes such as dill, fennel and thyme, with just a touch of licorice. The 30% rye in the mashbill creates a light spiciness that adds complexity to the flavor profile. Overall, it is an enjoyable bourbon with a unique character that will leave you wanting more.

Aging Period of New Riff Single Barrel Whiskey

New Riff single barrel whiskeys are aged for a minimum of four years in 53-gallon toasted and charred new oak barrels. We take great care in the production process and do not take any shortcuts, ensuring that our whiskey is of the highest quality. The aging process is done using the full sour mash Kentucky Regimen and all of our whiskeys carry an age statement on the label. Additionally, all New Riff whiskeys are bottled without chill filtration, allowing for a fuller, richer flavor profile.

Who is Behind New Riff Distilling?

New Riff is a craft whiskey and gin distillery founded in 2014 by Ken Lewis, a Kentucky liquor retailer and entrepreneur. The team behind New Riff consists of corporate refugees with backgrounds ranging from craft to politics. They produce Bourbon, Rye, Malted Rye, and a variety of specialty recipes, as well as Kentucky Wild Gin. All products are crafted with high-quality ingredients and traditional methods to ensure the best possible taste. New Riff's commitment to quality and innovation has earned them recognition from critics around the world.

New Riff Bourbon: Where is it Made?

New Riff Bourbon is made in Newport, Kentucky, at the New Riff Distillery located at 24 Distillery Way. The distillery is independently owned by Ken Lewis, who established it in 2014. The facility boasts a state-of-the-art copper still from Germany, and it is here that New Riff creates its award-winning bourbon. The process begins with locally grown grains that are milled and mashed before being fermented for five days. After fermentation, the liquid is distilled twice before being aged for at lest four years in oak barrels with a #4 char. Finally, the bourbon is bottled in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. With its commitment to quality and attention to detail, New Riff Distillery produces some of the finest bourbons available today.

Does New Riff Distillery Produce Its Own Bourbon?

Yes, New Riff Distilling is a 100% independently and family-owned distillery, where they craft their own core bourbon and rye whiskeys from start to finish. They use locally-sourced grains and ingredients to create their award-winning . The process begins by milling the grain into a mash, which is then fermented with a proprietary strain of bfore being distilled twice in copper pot stills. The whiskey is then aged in new charred American oak barrels and bottled on site. Along with their core expressions, New Riff has released limited edition “riffs” where they can experiment with different


New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon is a unique and high-quality whiskey that stands out from the crowd. It has a mashbill of 30% rye, is aged for four years in 53-gallon toasted and charred new oak barrels, and is produced using the full sour mash Kentucky regimen. Founded by Ken Lewis in 2014, New Riff is led by an experienced team of corporate refugees who have crafted a range of whiskeys such as Bourbon, Rye, Malted Rye and specialty recipes. The flavor profile of the New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon includes honey, caramel, freshly opened tangerine, dried citrus peel and a litle vanilla with herbal notes like dill, fennel and thyme. All in all, this whiskey provides a delicious and smooth drinking experience that whiskey lovers can enjoy time after time.

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