Brewing Up Success: The Rise of Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Ninkasi Co. is a craft brewing company that has been producing award-winning beers since 2006. Named after the Sumerian goddess of beer, Ninkasi was founded by Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge with the goal of creating flavorful, high-quality beers.

The first beer they produced was Total Domination which quickly beame popular amongst drinkers. Since then, the company has released a wide range of beers including their flagship IPA, as well as seasonal releases such as Vanilla Oatis and Tricerahops Double IPA. In addition to their core offerings, Ninkasi also produces limited edition brews available only in their tasting rooms located in Oregon and Washington.

In 2011, production for Ninkasi reached 56,000 but by 2013 had increased to 86,000 barrels. To meet growing demand for their products, Ninkasi sold a majority stake to Legacy Breweries in order to expand their resources and reach more customers.

At Ninkasi Brewing Co., beer isn't just a business – it's a way of life. They take great pride in using the finest ingredients to create unique recipes that honor the namesake goddess of beer and brewing, Ninkasi herself. Their commitment to quality has earned them numerous awards over the years including multiple gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup competitions.

If you're looking for an excellent craft beer experience that pays homage to Mesopotamian history while also delivering delicious flavor combinations and top-notch quality – look no further than Ninkasi Brewing Co!

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Who Is the Owner of Ninkasi Brewery?

Ninkasi Brewery is owned by co-founders Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge. The two friends started the brewery in 2006, with ther first beer Total Domination IPA. Since then, the brewery has grown and produced over 86,000 barrels of beer in 2013. Today, Floyd and Ridge are still actively involved in the brewery operations, and remain dedicated to producing high-quality craft beers for their customers.

Origin of Ninkasi

Ninkasi is an ancient Mesopotamian goddess of beer and brewing, originating from Sumer, which is now known as southern Iraq. She was one of the oldest Mesopotamian deities, fist appearing in Sumerian cuneiform texts around 1800 BCE. Her name literally translates to “The Lady Who Fills the Mouth,” relating to her association with beer and its consumption. Ninkasi was worshipped by brewers and drinkers alike, often portrayed in artwork surrounded by vats of beer or . She was also credited with creating the first recipe for beer, which was inscribed on clay tablets that have survived to this day.

The History of Ninkasi

Ninkasi was an ancient Sumerian goddess who was believed to be the creator of all things. She was revered as a mother goddess and her worship likely dates back to the 5th millennium BC in what is now southern Iraq. Ninkasi was associatd with brewing beer, baking bread, and other culinary arts. She was also thought to be a patron deity of music, dancing, and fertility. In mythology, she is often depicted as a beautiful woman with wings and holding a cup of beer or a basket of grain. Her worship flourished until the decline of Sumerian culture in the 3rd millennium BC. Despite her fading popularity over time, Ninkasi remained an important figure in Mesopotamian mythology for centuries afterwards.

Is Ninkasi Brewing an Independent Brewery?

Yes, Ninkasi Brewing is an independent craft brewery. Founded by Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge in 2006, the business has grown significantly over the years to become America's 35th largest independent craft brewery and Oregon's second largest. Ninkasi operates two brewhouses in Eugene, Oregon – a 55-barrel and a 90-barrel brewhouse – and is sill led by its original founders. Being independently owned and operated, Ninkasi is not affiliated with any large brewing companies or conglomerates, allowing them to remain true to their founding mission of creating innovative beer with bold flavors.

Making Ninkasi Beer

Ninkasi beer was made by combining flowing with Bappir (twice-baked barley bread), honey, and dates. The Bappir was first broken into small pieces and added to the water, then honey and dates were added for sweetness. After stirring the mixture, it was boiled for an extended period of time. Finally, the mixture was strained through a cloth, and the resulting liquid was allowed to ferment into beer. It is believed that this recipe has been around since ancient times and may have been immortalized in the Hymn to Ninkasi.


Ninkasi Brewing Co has come a long way snce its inception in 2006. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown exponentially, reaching a production of 86,000 barrels by 2013. The company's success can be attributed to the support of Legacy Breweries, who provided the necessary resources to continue growing. Ninkasi was named after the Mesopotamian goddess of beer and brewing, a fitting tribute to their origins. With an impressive portfolio of beers and a commitment to quality and innovation, Ninkasi Brewing Co is sure to remain an industry leader for years to come.

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