The Wonders of Nitro IPA

Fusing together a rich heritage with a legacy of innovation, Guinness brings us their Dublin-brewed Nitro – a truly inventive brew. This pale is crafted with the distinctive Guinness and boasts a unique blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen to create a harmonious balance of hop flavors.

One might wonder why nitrogen is used in brewing a hoppy like an IPA. Well, nitrogen has a unique characteristic that can significantly impact hop aroma. In fact, it has the power to destroy it. So, putting a hop-forward beer on nitro is like undoing all the hard work put in by the brewer to infuse those delicious hop notes.

Unlike traditional beers, a nitro beer, such as Guinness Nitro IPA, contains a higher concentration of nitrogen gas and a lower concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. This difference in gas composition leads to some interesting characteristics.

Firstly, the foam created by the nitrogen bubbles is thicker and longer-lasting compared to a regular carbonated beer. This creates an aesthetically pleasing presentation and adds to the overall sensory experience of enjoying the brew.

Secondly, the lower carbonation levels in nitro beers result in a velvety smooth texture. When compared to the lively carbonation found in most beers, the reduced carbonation allows for a more luxurious and indulgent mouthfeel.

It is worth noting that Guinness, the iconic , is exclusively served on nitrogen. This means that it is pressurized in the keg with a mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, with a ratio of 75% nitrogen to 25% carbon dioxide. This method sets Guinness apart from other beers, which are typically carbonated like traditional brews.

The use of nitrogen in Guinness Nitro IPA adds an extra layer of complexity to the beer. The nitrogen bubbles interact with the hop flavors, creating a uniquely smooth and creamy drinking experience. This innovative approach showcases Guinness' commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in the world of brewing.

Guinness Nitro IPA is a remarkable example of how tradition and innovation can come together to create a truly distinctive beer. By harnessing the power of nitrogen, Guinness has crafted a pale ale that showcases the best of both worlds – the hop-forward flavors of an IPA and the smooth, velvety texture of a nitro beer. So, next time you're in the mood for something adventurous, give Guinness Nitro IPA a try and experience the magic of nitrogen-infused brewing for yourself.

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What Is Nitro IPA Beer?

Nitro IPA beer is an innovative and unique brew that combines over two centuries of brewing heritage with a proud legacy of innovation. It is brewed in Dublin and stands out from traditional IPAs due to its special characteristics.

The base of this beer is a pale ale that is made using Guinness yeast, which adds a distinct flavor and character to the brew. This yeast is known for its quality and has been used in brewing for many years.

What sets Nitro IPA apart is the special blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen used in the brewing process. This combination helps to balance out the abundance of hop flavors typically found in IPAs. The nitrogen adds a smooth and creamy texture to the beer, while the carbon dioxide provides a refreshing effervescence.

The result is a well-balanced IPA with a unique mouthfeel and a rich, hoppy flavor profile. The nitrogen infusion creates a velvety smoothness that sets Nitro IPA apart from traditional IPAs, which are typically carbonated solely with carbon dioxide.

To summarize, Nitro IPA is a pale ale brewed with Guinness yeast and infused with a blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This combination creates a balanced and flavorful beer with a smooth and creamy texture.

What Makes A Beer A Nitro?

A beer is classified as a nitro beer when it contains a higher level of nitrogen gas and a lower level of carbon dioxide gas compared to traditional beers. This unique combination of gases gives nitro beers their distinct characteristics.

Here are the key features of a nitro beer:

1. Nitrogen Gas: Nitro beers are infused with nitrogen gas, which is responsible for the creamy and smooth texture of the beer. Nitrogen bubbles are smaller and create a denser foam compared to the larger carbon dioxide bubbles found in traditional beers.

2. Foam: The foam produced by nitrogen bubbles in a nitro beer is thicker, creamier, and longer-lasting. It forms a velvety layer on top of the beer, contributing to the overall drinking experience.

3. Carbonation: Unlike traditional beers that have high levels of carbonation, nitro beers have minimal carbonation. The lower amount of carbon dioxide allows the nitrogen bubbles to take center stage, resulting in a smoother mouthfeel and less fizzy sensation.

4. Texture: Nitro beers are known for their silky and velvety texture. The nitrogen gas adds a creamy element to the beer, making it feel more luxurious and indulgent on the palate.

5. Pouring Technique: Nitro beers often require a specific pouring technique to fully appreciate their unique qualities. They are typically served using a special faucet that is designed to release nitrogen gas into the beer as it is poured. This technique helps create the desired creamy head and enhances the overall drinking experience.

A nitro beer stands out from traditional beers due to its higher nitrogen content, resulting in a thicker and longer-lasting foam, minimal carbonation, and a smooth and velvety texture. These characteristics contribute to the distinct and enjoyable drinking experience offered by nitro beers.


Nitro IPA is a truly unique and inventive brew that combines the rich brewing heritage of Guinness with a twist. By using a blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, this beer achieves a perfect balance of hop flavors while maintaining a velvety smooth texture. The use of nitrogen gas creates a thicker and longer-lasting foam, enhancing the overall sensory experience of the beer. Unlike traditional beers, which are carbonated with CO2, nitro IPAs are exclusively served on nitrogen, providing a distinct and refreshing taste. With its innovation and attention to detail, nitro IPA is a testament to the ongoing evolution of brewing techniques and the commitment to delivering exceptional flavor and quality. Whether you're a enthusiast or a fan of Guinness, nitro IPA is definitely worth a try for its unique and captivating characteristics.

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