North Coast Brewing’s Old Rasputin

North Coast Co. is a renowned brewery that has gained a cult following with its exceptional beers. One of their most famous and highly acclaimed brews is the Old Rasputin, an imperial that truly stands out from the crowd. With an impressive 14% by volume (ABV), this is not for the faint of heart.

Old Rasputin is a beer that impresses right from the start. Its high alcohol percentage of 9.9% immediately catches your attention, promising a bold and intense drinking experience. But this beer is not just about the alcohol content; it offers so much more.

When you take a sip of Old Rasputin, you are immediately greeted by a rich and complex body. The flavors of and intertwine beautifully, creating a harmonious balance that is both satisfying and intriguing. The beer's flavor profile is dominated by roast and chocolate notes, which give it a deep and robust character. But there's more to it than that.

In addition to the roast and chocolate flavors, you'll also notice subtle hints of dark fruit esters, particularly cherry. These fruity undertones complement the rich malt and hop flavors, adding a layer of complexity to the beer. The bitterness from the hops is present throughout, effectively balancing out the sweetness from the malt. This creates a beer that is not overly sweet, but rather finishes fairly dry and slightly .

One thing that cannot be ignored when talking about Old Rasputin is its staggering alcohol content. At 14% ABV, this beer packs a punch and leaves a slight heat on the finish, reminding you that you are indeed drinking an imperial stout. It's a beer that demands respect and commands attention.

Old Rasputin is produced in the tradition of 18th Century English brewers who supplied the court of Russia's Catherine the Great. It's no wonder it has gained such a loyal following over the years. This beer is not for the faint-hearted; it's for those who appreciate bold and intense flavors.

North Coast Brewing Co. has truly created a masterpiece with their Old Rasputin imperial stout. The beer's rich and complex body, dominated by roast and chocolate flavors, is complemented by subtle dark fruit esters. The hops bitterness throughout balances out the malt sweetness, making for a satisfying and well-rounded drinking experience. And let's not forget the staggering 14% ABV, which adds a touch of heat and reminds you that you're sipping on something truly special. If you're a fan of big, bold beers, Old Rasputin is a must-try.

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What Is The Alcohol Content Of Old Rasputin Beer?

Old Rasputin beer has an impressive alcohol content of 14% ABV. This high level of alcohol is achieved through a combination of hops and malt, which contribute to the rich and complex body of the beer. The result is a that offers a strong and intense flavor profile. It is important to note that consuming a beer with such a high alcohol content should be done responsibly and in moderation.

What Is The Flavor Profile Of Old Rasputin?

The flavor profile of Old Rasputin can be described as a rich and robust combination of roast and chocolate flavors, which are the dominant notes. These flavors give the beer a deep and dark character. Additionally, there are low levels of dark fruit esters, specifically cherry, that complement the roast and chocolate elements.

To balance the malt sweetness, hops bitterness is present throughout the beer. This bitterness helps to counteract the sweetness and adds a layer of complexity to the flavor profile. The beer finishes fairly dry and slightly bitter, enticing the drinker to take another sip.

One notable characteristic of Old Rasputin is its slight heat on the finish. This reminds the drinker that this beer is of the imperial variety, with a higher alcohol content. The heat adds an additional element to the overall flavor experience.

The flavor profile of Old Rasputin can be described as a delicious combination of roast, chocolate, and dark fruit esters, with a balancing hops bitterness. It finishes with a slight heat and a dry, slightly bitter aftertaste, leaving the drinker wanting more.

Who Makes Old Rasputin?

Old Rasputin is made by North Coast Brewing Co., a brewery that follows the brewing traditions of 18th Century English brewers. This beer is known for its rich and intense flavor profile, making it a favorite among beer enthusiasts. It is often compared to the beers that were supplied to Catherine the Great's court in Russia. The brewing process of Old Rasputin results in complex flavors and a warming finish, which contributes to its cult following. The North Coast Brewing Co. has successfully captured the essence of this historical beer and continues to produce it for beer lovers to enjoy.


North Coast Brewing is a brewery that truly stands out in the industry. With their flagship beer, Old Rasputin, they have created a masterpiece that is sure to impress even the most discerning beer connoisseurs.

Old Rasputin is a beer that delivers on all fronts. From its high alcohol percentage of 9.9% to its rich and complex body, every sip is a journey of flavors and aromas. The combination of hops and malt tones creates a perfect balance, with the bitterness of the hops complementing the sweetness of the malt.

The flavor profile of Old Rasputin is dominated by roast and chocolate notes, with hints of dark fruit esters, particularly cherry. This adds a layer of complexity to the beer, making it a truly enjoyable experience. The finish is dry and slightly bitter, leaving a lingering desire for another sip.

One of the standout features of Old Rasputin is its staggering 14% ABV. This high alcohol content adds a warmth and depth to the beer, reminding the drinker that they are indulging in an imperial stout. The slight heat on the finish further enhances this experience, making it a beer that demands to be savored.

North Coast Brewing has truly crafted a masterpiece with Old Rasputin. This beer is a testament to the brewery's commitment to quality and tradition. It is no wonder that Old Rasputin has developed a cult following wherever it goes.

If you are a fan of rich, intense, and complex beers, then North Coast Brewing and their Old Rasputin should be at the top of your list. Indulge in this imperial stout and experience the magic that only North Coast Brewing can deliver.

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