The Perfect Gift: Make Someone’s Day with the Perrier Jouet Gift Set!

Introducing the perfect gift for any special occasion: the Perrier-Jouët Gift Set. This luxurious gift set includes a bottle of Perrier-Jouët Brut, a delightful anemone flower design, and two elegant flutes for serving.

The Perrier-Jouët Brut is a classic made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes from France's most renowned vineyards. It has a beautiful golden colour and balanced taste of citrus fruits, white flowers and toasted brioche. The sweetness level is brut (dry), making it the perfect accompaniment to any meal or as an aperitif.

The bottle's iconic design features a delicate swirly white anemone flower created by Art Nouveau pioneer Emile Galle in 1902 for the champagne house's Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque prestige cuvée. This unique design makes this gift set even more special and unforgettable.

The two elegant flutes included in the set are perfect for sharing bubbly with friends or family over dinner or drinks parties. They feature an intricate gold pattern that adds elegance and sophistication to evey moment spent with loved ones.

For those who are looking for something extra special, they can choose to personalise their gift set with engraving or message on the bottle as well as add additional flutes or chocolates to make their present even more memorable.

Whether you are celebrating with friends and family or loking for a special gift for someone special, the Perrier-Jouët Gift Set is the perfect choice!

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Shelf Life of Perrier-Jouët

Perrier-Jouët is a French Champagne house renowned for its distinctive floral bouquet and fine, elegant bubbles. Non-vintage Perrier-Jouët should be opened within two to five years of purchase to enjoy its freshness and delicate flavours. Vintage Perrier-Jouët, on the other hand, can be kept in good storage conditions for up to fifteen years, allowing the flavour and character of the cuvée to develop over time.

The Symbolism of the Flower on the Perrier-Jouët Bottle

The flower on the Perrier-Jouët bottle is a Japanese anemone, designed by Art Nouveau Pioneer Emile Galle in 1902. The white anemones have delicately swirly petals that create a unique and iconic design for the champagne house's Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque prestige cuvée. This design has been used on the bottles since its introduction in the early 1900s and has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

Dryness of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut

Perrier Jouet Grand Brut is a dry champagne. It has a crisp and balanced flavor profile with a light body, fresh and floral aromas, and a pleasantly dry finish. It is an ideal accompaniment to lighter appetizers or as an aperitif. The Brut sweetness level means it is not sweet and has very low sugar content, making it one of the driest champagnes on the market.

Is Perrier-Jouët Champagne Genuine?

Yes, Perrier-Jouët is a genuine, authentic champagne. It is made with a combination of Chardonnay from Cramant, Pinot Noir from Mailly and a touch of Pinot Meunier, creating an exquisite balance and harmony in the . The grapes come exclusively from the Perrier-Jouët vineyards in the Champagne region of France, making it a true expression of the terroir. This unique blend of grape varieties makes it one of the few champagnes that can be certified as real champagne.

Are Perrier-Jouët Bottles Decorated with Hand-Painted Designs?

Yes, Perrier-Jouët bottles are hand painted. Each bottle of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Champagne is a replica of the famous Emile Galle Art Nouveau style and features a hand painted design. The intricate detail on the bottle is exquisite and each one is unique, making it an unforgettable experience when you open up a bottle.


The Perrier-Jouët gift set is a perfect way to commemorate any special occasion. Not only does it come with a bottle of the Prestige Cuvée Brut, but also a stylishly designed bottle of their famous Belle Epoque design featuring white anemones. The champagne itself is a classic brut, with elegant floral and fresh notes, and can be enjoyed now or kept for up to fifteen years in good storage conditions if it is vintage. With its unique design and exquisite flavor, the Perrier-Jouët gift set is sure to make any celebration extra special.

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