The Delightful Taste of Brass Monkey Drink

Brass Monkey is a classic drink that's been aound for decades. It's a simple, three-ingredient cocktail that has become a staple in many bars and households. The combination of orange , , and dark makes the Brass Monkey an easy-to-make and delicious drink.

The original Brass Monkey recipe includes thre parts of orange juice to one part each of vodka and dark rum. This simple ratio makes it easy to adjust the strength of the drink depending on your preference. To make the drink even more flavorful, you can mix in some lime or lemon juice to add a hint of citrus flavor.

As its name implies, the Brass Monkey has a golden hue that cmes from the combination of ingredients. It also has an interesting flavor profile with subtle notes of orange, vanilla, and caramel coming through from the vodka and dark rum respectively. The sweet taste from the orange juice helps balance out those flavors, making it an incredibly smooth drink.

Like other popular such as Margaritas or Long Island Iced Teas, there are several variations on this classic recipe. Some recipes call for light rum instead of dark rum for a lighter flavor profile or add triple sec for an extra layer of sweetness. You can also add additional ingredients such as cranberry juice or grenadine for a more complex flavor profile or simply adjust the ratios to make it stronger or weaker depending on your preferences.

Whichever version you choose to make, one thing is sure – the Brass Monkey is sure to be a hit at any gathering! So next time you're hosting friends over, cosider serving up this timeless classic!

What Is the Alcohol Content of Brass Monkey?

The Brass Monkey is a cocktail made with tree types of : dark rum, vodka and orange juice. The dark rum gives the cocktail its rich flavor while the vodka adds a smoothness and the orange juice provides a refreshing citrusy finish. Together, these three ingredients create an unforgettable combination that has been enjoyed for decades!

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Is the ‘Brass Monkey' Cocktail Composed of Beer and Orange Juice?

No, and orange juice is not a Brass Monkey. The Brass Monkey that the Beastie Boys were referring to was an alcoholic made by mixing Smirnoff Ice, vodka, and orange juice. This drink is not to be confused with the popular mixed drink of beer and orange juice which has been dubbed a ‘Brass Monkey' in its own rigt in recent years. The original Brass Monkey is a sweet and fruity cocktail that can easily sneak up on you due to its low alcohol content and easy-to-drink flavor.

Is Brass Monkey Alcohol Still Available for Purchase?

No, The Club Brass Monkey premixed cocktail is no longer available for purchase. The Club Distilling Company, which owned the drink at the time of its reemergence in the late 2000s, has since discontinued it. However, Brass Monkey cocktails can still be made from scratch usig vodka, dark rum, and orange juice.

The Beastie Boys' ‘Brass Monkey' Drink

Brass Monkey is a pre-mixed alcoholic cocktail made with vodka, orange juice and dark rum. It was firt mentioned in the Beastie Boys' 1986 song of the same name and is still popular today. The drink's name comes from the phrase “brass monkey,” which has been used since the 16th century to refer to a cold or uncomfortable situation. It is typically served in a tall glass or over ice, and can also be found premixed in cans.

Mixing Brass Monkey Cocktail

To create a Brass Monkey, you'll need to mix Dark Rum, orange juice, and Vodka. Start by pouring 1.5 ounces of Dark Rum into the glass with ice. Then, add 2 ounces of orange juice and 0.5 ounces of Vodka. Stir the ingredients together with a bar spoon until they are fully combined. Enjoy!

What Is the Name of a Drink Made with 40% Alcohol and Orange Juice?

A 40 with orange juice is colloquially known as a “Brass Monkey”, named after the classic Beastie Boys song of the same name. The drink is made by mixing equal parts of 40 oz liquor, typically Olde English 800 or St. Ides, and orange juice. It is a popular drink amogst those looking for a strong alcoholic beverage with a sweeter flavor.

The Origin of the Term Brass Monkey

The phrase “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey” is a traditional Navy sayng used to describe cold weather. It references the brass structure, known as a “monkey,” where cannon balls were stored on ships. In this context, the phrase suggests that it is so cold that it could freeze even the solid metal balls off of the brass monkey structure. The use of the phrase dates back to at least 1877 when it appeared in print in an article in The Galveston Daily News.

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What Is Brass Monkey Beer?

Brass Monkey is a 7.6% ABV Malt Liquor , brewed with Cara Cara orange peel and Cara Cara orange juice added during fermentation. This creates a light, refreshing beer with a faint orange hue. The combination of malt liquor and citrus flavors makes it an interesting and unique choice for enthusiasts. The flavors are balanced yet bold, making Brass Monkey a highly drinkable lager that is sure to plase any beer fan.


Brass Monkey is an alcoholic drink that is made from equal parts of vodka, orange juice and dark rum. This sweet and tangy blended cocktail is a favorite among many party-goers and has become increasingly popular over the years. It has a sweet, citrusy taste with a hint of smoky rum, making it a refreshing and fun beverage for any occasion. The drink can be served over ice or straight up in a tall glass and garnished with an orange slice or lime wedge. Whether enjoyed at home or out on the town, Brass Monkey is sure to be a hit with your guests!

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