17 Deliciously Purple Cocktails to Try Tonight!

If you're loking to take your next cocktail party to the next level, then look no further than purple ! Whether you're a fan of Prince, or just love the color, these drinks are sure to please. From the classic Purple Rain Cocktail to the more whimsical Unicorn Kisses Cocktail, there's something for everyone.

Let's start with the classic Purple Rain Cocktail. This drink is made with vodka lemonade, blue curacao and grenadine for that gorgeous purple color. It's tangy and sweet in all the right places and will be sure to make any party a hit! For anoher easy classic, try the Purple Haze Martini. This drink is made with vodka, Chambord raspberry and blue curacao for an extra punch of flavor and vibrant color.

If you're feeling adventurous and want soething a little more unique, try making a Maleficent Cocktail or Galaxy Magic Mule. Both drinks are full of flavor and have eye-catching hues of deep purple. The Maleficent Cocktail is made with , lime , blackberry syrup and blue curacao while the Galaxy Magic Mule uses vodka, lime juice, berry syrup and blue curacao topped off with ginger for an extra kick!

For those lookng for a truly unique experience there is even a Grimace Cocktail! This drink has it all; sweet blackberry jam mixed with vodka and lemon juice topped off with some cream soda for an extra creamy texture. And if you really want to go all out there's also an Authentic Floral Liqueur of Violets using violet flowers for an extra romantic touch!

No matter what kind of party you're hosting or what type of purple cocktail you choose – one thing is certain – your guests will be talking about your drinks all night long! So why not give these beautiful cocktails a try? You won't regret it!

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What is the Name of a Purple Cocktail?

The Purple Rain Cocktail is a delicious, vibrant concoction made with vodka, lemonade, blue curacao and grenadine. The combination of tese ingredients creates a gorgeous purple hue, reminiscent of the famous Prince song. This cocktail is perfect for any special occasion or just to sip on a warm summer day. Enjoy!

Popular Purple Drinks

A great way to add a bit of extra color and flavor to any party or gathering is with a selection of purple drinks! Here are some delicious options:
1. Purple People Eater Cocktail – A sweet and fruity mix of vodka, blue curacao, triple sec, pineapple juice, cranberry juice and lime juice.
2. Purple – A classic cosmo made with a twist – blue curacao and Chambord raspberry liqueur.
3. Unicorn Kisses Cocktail – A fun and festive blend of vodka, blue curacao, lemonade, white cranberry juice, lime juice and sugar syrup.
4. Maleficent Cocktail – An exotic mix of vodka, blue curacao, lychee liqueur, elderflower liqueur and lime juice.
5. Galaxy Magic Mule – A beautiful blend of vodka, blue curacao, ginger beer and lime juice served over ice in a copper mug.
6. Purple Rain – A combination of vodka, grape schnapps, orange juice and sour mix for an energizing drink that's sure to make you feel like you're in the clouds!
7. Purple Haze Martini – A smooth martini made with vodka or gin combined with Blue Curacao liqueur for a vibrant hue.
8. Grimace Cocktail – An interesting mix of , lemonade concentrate, berry schnapps and cranberry juice for a sweet drink that will have you feeling like royalty!

What Liqueur is Characterized by its Purple Color?

The Truth Violet Liqueur is a purple liqueur made with real violets. It has a deep purple hue reminiscent of a full moon reflected on a river in the twilight, and has a unique flavor that honors the delicate flower it is made with. The liqueur is made by macerating fresh violets and then blending them with natural ingredients such as , sugar, and flavoring agents for an authentic floral taste. It can be enjoyed neat or mixed into cocktails for a sophisticated flavor profile.

Exploring the Popularity of the ‘Purple Drink' in New Orleans

The Purple Drink, or Voodoo Daiquiri, is a signature cocktail of Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans. The sweet and fruity frozen daiquiri is made with grape-flavored syrup, , and the very potent grain alcohol Everclear (which is 190 proof). It's an incredibly strong cocktail that must be sipped slowly to fully enjoy the flavor.

The Possibility of a Purple Alcohol

Yes, thee is a purple alcohol! It's called Clear Purple Passion Liquor and it has a refreshing flavor that's perfect for the summer months. With an alcohol content of 13% by volume (26 proof), this drink is light and flavorful. Whether it's sipping on its own or as an ingredient in a delicious cocktail, Purple Passion will bring a burst of color to your celebrations!


In conclusion, purple cocktails are a great way to add a splash of color to your next gathering. Whether you're looking for something sweet like the Purple People Eater or something more sultry like the Galaxy Magic Mule, there is sure to be a cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. From its vibrant hue to its unique flavor profiles, purple cocktails offer an exciting and unique way to enhance any celebration.

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