Savor the Taste of Texas Hill Country: Rebecca Creek Whiskey

Rebecca Creek Fine Texas ® is a unique and award-winning blend of aged bourbons, corn-based and limestone-filtered from the Edwards Aquifer. This delectable spirit is made with a proprietary balance of corn, and barley, giving it an exquisite flavor that has earned the admiration of many.

If you're looking for a great whiskey at a good price, Rebecca Creek Whiskey is definitely worth considering. It's not only a great value for quality whiskey but it's also reasonably priced when compared to other whiskeys in its class. A 750ml bottle of Rebecca Creek Whiskey retails for around $30 USD, making it one of the most affordable premium whiskies on the market.

In addition to its reasonable price point, Rebecca Creek Whiskey also comes with some great features that make it stand out from the competition. It's made usng 8-year old handcrafted and 4-year old high rye bourbon for an exceptional flavor profile that has earned it several awards and accolades. On top of that, it's also filtered through limestone from the Edwards Aquifer in Texas Hill Country to give it a smooth finish with subtle mineral notes.

All in all, Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Whiskey® offers an excellent combination of quality and affordability that makes it one of the best values on the market today. Whether you're looking for a special gift or just want to enjoy a delicious whiskey at home, Rebecca Creek Whiskey is sure to please your taste buds and your budget alike!

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Types of Whiskey Offered by Rebecca Creek

Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Whiskey® is a hand-crafted blend of aged bourbons, corn-based spirits and limestone-filtered water from the Edwards Aquifer that is produced in the Texas Hill Country. The whiskey is crafted in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. The bourbons used are matured for at last two years in new charred American oak , delivering a smooth yet complex flavor profile with notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak. The corn-based spirits add a touch of sweetness while the limestone filtered Edwards Aquifer water rounds out the flavor with a clean finish. Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Whiskey® is perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks and can also be used as an excellent base for .

The Age of Rebecca Creek Whiskey

Rebecca Creek whiskey is a blend of two premium bourbons. The first bourbon is an 8-year old handcrafted bourbon, aged in charred American white oak barrels and distilled in small batches. The second bourbon is a 4-year old high rye bourbon, which is also aged in charred American white oak barrels and distilled in small batches. Both bourbons are then blended together to create the unique flavor profile that Rebecca Creek whiskey has become known for. Therefore, Rebecca Creek whiskey is comprised of bourbons with ages ranging from 4 to 8 years old.

Ingredients Used in Rebecca Creek Whiskey

Rebecca Creek whiskey is crafted with only the finest ingredients. The secret to its unique flavor lies in the perfect balance of select grains, including corn, rye, and barley. These grains are blended together in small batches and then aged in charred American oak barrels. This aging process brings out the whiskey's complex aromas and smooth taste. Pure limestone-filtered water from the Texas Hill Country's Edwards Aquifer is then added to create a mellow finish with notes of oak, spice and leather. Enjoy this classic spirit neat or used to create your favorite cocktail.

Who is the Owner of Rebecca Creek?

Rebecca Creek Distillery is owned by Steve Ison, a San Antonio-based entrepreneur and businessman. Ison founded the distillery in 2009, and has since built it into one of the largest craft distilleries in the United States. The company specializes in producing small-batch spirits including whiskey, , and . Ison is also the founder and CEO of Rebecca Creek LLC, a parent company that oversees all operations related to Rebecca Creek Distillery.

Where is Rebecca Creek Distillery Located?

Rebecca Creek Distillery is located in San Antonio, TX, where its whiskey, vodka and other spirits are proudly crafted using the purest ingredients. The distillery is situated at 26605 Bulverde Road, where visitors can observe the entire process of making whiskey – from mashing and fermenting to distilling and aging. Using limestone-filtered Hill Country water and grains locally grown in Central Texas, Rebecca Creek creates their award-winning spirits with careful attention to detail. Enjoy a tour of the facility followed by a tasting of their premium whiskeys and vodkas.

The Origin of the Name ‘Rebecca Creek'

Rebecca Creek is named after Jacob Raphael de Cordova's wife, Rebecca. The creek was given its name late in the 1840s, when Jacob Raphael de Cordova was a rancher in the area. Rebecca was an important part of his life and he wanted to honor her by naming a local creek after her.

Collectible Whiskeys Worth Investing In

Whiskey collecting has becme increasingly popular over the last few years, with many whisky aficionados searching for rare and vintage whiskies to add to their collections. Some of the most sought-after and valuable whiskies are those released for special occasions such as Feis Ile, or those bottled in limited editions. Examples include Bowmore 1985 Vintage Feis Ile 2012, Springbank 21 Year Old 2000 Release, Bowmore 1988 26 Year Old Sherry Cask Feis Ile 2015, SMWS 29.63 (Laphroaig) 1989 18 Year Old and Ardbeg 15 Year Old Rare Cask #9099 Feis Ile 2022. Other highly sought-after whiskies come from well-known brands such as Macallan, including their 30 Year Old Sherry Oak Blue Label, Genesis and Diamond Jubilee lines. These whiskies are often worth collecting due to their quality, rarity and desirability amongst whisky connoisseurs.


Rebecca Creek Whiskey is a superior craft whiskey made with the highest quality ingredients and the best of Texas pride. It has a unique flavor profile that is sure to delight, and its reasonable price point makes it an affordable luxury for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a special gift, or just want to enjoy an evening of fine whiskey, Rebecca Creek Whiskey is a great choice. With its smooth taste and unbeatable price, you can't go wrong with Rebecca Creek.

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