The Legendary Taste of Remus Repeal Reserve Whiskey

Welcome to the world of Remus Repeal Reserve! This award-winning collection is a limited-edition offering from Ross & Squibb Distillery, located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana—just miles from Cincinnati where George Remus ran his Prohibition empire.

This sixth release of the series is decribed as a medley of five Bourbons that range in age from eight to fourteen years, and is bottled at 100°. The distillery has carefully crafted each bourbon to meet the uncompromising standards King George was famous for during his reign.

Remus Repeal Reserve is an exceptional Bourbon that offers a smooth and balanced flavor with hints of charred oak, caramel, spice and vanilla. It's well-rounded with a lingering finish that will delight your taste buds. The aroma is subtly sweet with notes of honey and butterscotch.

The presentation alone will take your breath away: each bottle is hand-packaged in a wooden box that has been expertly crafted with details like laser engraving and metal hinges to last for generations. Inside the box, you'll find not just a bottle of Remus Repeal Reserve but also detailed tasting notes, recipes and more history abot King George's life during Prohibition era.

If you're looking for an exceptional Bourbon experience, then look no further than Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI Straight Bourbon —available this September from Ross & Squibb Distillery. Enjoy!

Who Produces Remus Repeal Reserve?

Remus Repeal Reserve is made by Ross & Squibb Distillery, a historic bourbon distillery located in the rolling hills of Kentucky. Founded in the mid-1800s, Ross & Squibb has been crafting award-winning bourbons for over a century and is now releasing its sixth annual expression of Remus Repeal Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This limited-edition bourbon is crafted from a combination of locally sourced corn, , and malted barley and aged in new American oak for at lest five years. The resulting whiskey has notes of vanilla and caramel with a hint of spice that make it the perfect addition to any whiskey collection.

Age of Remus Repeal

Remus Repeal is a special, limited release bourbon from Redwood Distillery. It is a medley of five bourbons, ranging in age from eight to fourteen years old, and bottled at 100°. Therefore, the exact age of Remus Repeal cannot be determined as it is a blend of diferent aged bourbons.

The Location of George Remus Distillery

The George Remus Distillery is located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, just miles from Cincinnati, Ohio. It is situated at the historic Ross & Squibb Distillery, which has served as the home of George Remus' Prohibition empire since its founding. The distillery was carefully crafted to meet the exacting standards that King George was known for during his rule and continues to produce high-quality bourbon to this day.

The Distillery Behind Remus Repeal Reserve

Ross & Squibb Distillery is the producer of the award-winning Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This limited-edition bourbon was crafted in small batches and aged in hand-selected charred oak barrels, resulting in a one-of-a-kind flavor profile. The sixth annual offering of the collection will be released this September and is sure to be a hit among whiskey connoisseurs.

Where is Remus Repeal Manufactured?

Remus Repeal is made in Lawrenceburg, Indiana at MGP Ingredients, a distillery that has been making whiskey since the 1870s. The distillery is located on the banks of the Ohio River and is owned by Midwest Grain Products. Remus Repeal is made using a combination of rye, corn and malted barley that are mashed and distilled through the traditional copper pot-still method. This process creates a whiskey with a smooth yet flavorful character that is perfect for sipping neat or as a base for . The spirit is then aged in charred oak barrels for at least six months before it's ready to be bottled and shipped to customers arond the world.

Where is Remus Reserve Produced?

Remus Reserve is crafted at Ross & Squibb Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The distillery has a long history of producing fine bourbons and whiskeys, dating back to the late 1800s. The five-year-old Remus Reserve is a unique blend of high-rye bourbon whiskies, with a hint of vanilla and a maple aroma. Its sweet yet characteristic rye flavor makes it an excellent choice for any occasion. Each bottle of Remus Reserve is carefully hand-crafted by the experienced distillers of Ross & Squibb in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, ensuring that every sip you take will be as rich and flavorful as possible.


The sixth release of the Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI Straight Bourbon Whiskey is an exceptional offering crafted at the historic Ross & Squibb Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Carefully blended with five Bourbons aged from eight to fourteen years and bottled at 100°, this bourbon is a tribute to King George's uncompromising standards that he was renowned for during his Prohibition empire. With its unique blend of flavors and aromas, this limited-edition bourbon will surely be a hit amongst aficionados and novices alike.

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