Taste the West Coast: Sierra Nevada’s Double IPA

Sierra Nevada's Double is a hop-forward West Coast style that packs a punch for drinkers. This double IPA has an ABV of 8.4%, and is loaded with for an intensely flavorful experience. The hop character of this beer comes from both the kettle addition and dry hopping, creating a complex and aromatic profile that you won't soon forget.

The flavor of Sierra Nevada's Double IPA starts off with a big, bold hop presence that mingles with the malty sweetness from the bill. Notes of citrus, stone fruit, tropical fruit, berry, and melon come through in the flavor profile, while the bitterness adds balance without overwhelming the palate. This is complemented by a toasted or caramel maltiness that adds depth to the complexity of this beer.

This beer pairs well with spicy foods like Thai or Indian curries as well as grilled meats like steak or burgers. It's also great on its own for sipping on warm summer days when you need something cold and refreshing.

If you're lookig for a strong yet balanced double IPA that will satisfy your hop cravings, then look no further than Sierra Nevada's Double IPA. This West Coast style packs all the flavor and complexity of an American double IPA while still remaining smooth enough to be enjoyed without overwhelming your palate. Pick up a four-pack today and find out why this is one of Sierra Nevada's most popular beers!

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Is Sierra Nevada Torpedo an IPA?

Yes, Sierra Nevada Torpedo is a double IPA. It is brewed using a large amount of hops for both flavor and aroma. The beer features a deep golden color and a robust hop character that has notes of citrus and pine. The finish is dry and with a lingering hop flavor. This West Coast-style double IPA has an ABV of 7.2% and an IBU rating of 65-70, making it one of the most highly hopped beers on the market today.

What Is a Double IPA Beer?

A double IPA is an India Pale (IPA) beer that is brewed with extra hops and malt. This creates a more intense, hoppier flavor profile and a higher content than regular IPAs. The additional hops contribute to the beer's bitterness, while the increased malt helps create a more full-bodied taste with notes of toasted or caramel malt. Double IPAs typically have an alcohol content of 7-10% ABV, making them one of the strongest styles of IPA available.

Alcohol Content of a Double IPA

A double IPA typically has an ABV of 7.6%-10.6%. This is higher than a normal IPA, which typically has an ABV of 5%-7.5%. A double IPA is often referred to as an Imperial or West Coast style IPA, and it features a more intense hop flavor, higher alcohol content, and bigger body than a standard IPA. The higher alcohol content means that drinkers should be aware of their consumption and consume responsibly.

The Taste of a Double IPA

A Double IPA is a hop-forward beer with an intense flavor profile. It offers an array of hop character, from floral and citrus to stone fruit, spicy, pine/resin, tropical fruit, berry and melon notes. These flavors are further enhanced by the higher levels of alcohol and bitterness associated with this style of IPA. The end result is a beer that is full-bodied and flavorful with a strong hop presence that often lingers on the palate.

The Strength of a Double IPA

Double IPA is certainly a strong beer. Its alcoholic strength starts at 8% ABV, which is significantly higher than the average 4-5% ABV of standard IPAs. The ABV can even reach into the teens, making it much stronger than its traditional counterpart. Though the name ‘Double IPA' implies that it is twice as strong, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is twice as bitter or intense as standard IPA. Rather, double IPA has a higher alcohol content and more hop character than regular IPAs, giving it a pronounced bitterness and aroma.


Sierra Nevada Double IPA is a strong, hoppy beer that is sure to impress any hop lover. With an ABV of 7.6-10.6%, this double IPA is a complex combination of American and New World hops that presents flavors of floral, citrus, stone fruit, spicy, pine/resin, tropical fruit, berry, and melon. The added malt provides a more distinct toasted or caramel malt flavor while the extra hops impart a huge hop aroma and bitterness. With such an intense flavor profile and high alcohol content, Sierra Nevada Double IPA is the perfect choice for those lookng for a unique experience.

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