The Story of Sterling Pig Brewery

Craft enthusiasts are always on the lookout for unique and flavorful brews that push the boundaries of traditional . One such brewery that is making waves in the industry is Sterling Pig Brewery. Founded by brothers Tom and Lawrence, along with their cousin Harry, this Pennsylvania-based brewery has gained a loyal following for its innovative and delicious beers, all with a swine twist.

Located in Media, Pennsylvania, Sterling Pig Brewery takes its name from the original Sterling Pig Tavern, a popular gathering spot in the 1700s. The brewery's founders wanted to pay homage to this historic landmark while also infusing their beers with a distinct personality. And what better way to do that than by incorporating the flavors and essence of pigs into their brews?

At Sterling Pig Brewery, they have mastered the art of using brewer's spent grains (BSG) in their beer production. BSG is a byproduct of the brewing process, consisting of the grains that are left over after brewing. Traditionally, BSG has been used as feed for cattle, but the creative minds at Sterling Pig Brewery saw its potential as a unique ingredient in their beers.

BSG is a highly-palatable and protein-rich feed ingredient that is also rich in lipids and fiber. By incorporating BSG into their brews, Sterling Pig Brewery is able to create beers that not only taste great but also have added nutritional value. This innovative approach sets them apart from other breweries and gives their beers a one-of-a-kind flavor profile.

But it's not just the use of BSG that sets Sterling Pig Brewery apart. The brothers and their cousin also grow their own variety of on-site at their former small holding in the New Forest. This allows them to have complete control over the quality and flavor of their hops, resulting in beers that are truly unique to Sterling Pig Brewery.

When it comes to their beer lineup, Sterling Pig Brewery offers a wide range of options to suit every palate. From their flagship Big Gunz Double to their award-winning Shoat Pilsner, there is something for everyone at this swine-inspired brewery. Each beer is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring a crisp, refreshing, and flavorful experience with every sip.

In addition to their core lineup, Sterling Pig Brewery also experiments with seasonal and limited-release brews. This allows them to constantly push the boundaries of what beer can be and keep their customers excited and coming back for more. Whether it's a fruity summer or a rich and robust , you can always expect something new and exciting from Sterling Pig Brewery.

But it's not just the beer that keeps customers flocking to Sterling Pig Brewery. The brewery itself is a welcoming and lively space, perfect for gathering with friends and enjoying a pint. With a spacious taproom and an outdoor patio, there is plenty of room for patrons to relax and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

Sterling Pig Brewery is a craft brewery that stands out from the crowd with its unique use of brewer's spent grains and on-site hop cultivation. With a diverse lineup of flavorful beers and a welcoming atmosphere, it's no wonder that this swine-inspired brewery has gained a loyal following. So, the next time you're in Pennsylvania, be sure to stop by Sterling Pig Brewery and experience their innovative and delicious beers for yourself.

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Who Owns Sterling Pig?

Sterling Pig is owned by Brian McConnell. Brian McConnell has over 14 years of experience as a professional brewer and is the owner and brewmaster of Sterling Pig. His expertise in the brewing industry has allowed him to create a successful craft brewery that is known for its high-quality and delicious beers. As the owner, Brian takes pride in the brewery's offerings and is dedicated to providing customers with a unique and enjoyable beer-drinking experience.


Sterling Pig Brewery is a unique and innovative brewery that sets itself apart from the competition with its use of brewer's spent grains (BSG) as a feed ingredient for pigs. This not only showcases their commitment to sustainability but also highlights their creativity in utilizing resources in a responsible and efficient manner.

Owned and operated by brothers Tom and Lawrence, along with their cousin Harry, Sterling Pig Brewery is located on a former pig farm in Setley. This connection to their agricultural roots adds an authentic and genuine touch to their brewing process.

One of the brewery's standout features is their cultivation of their own variety of hops on-site at their former small holding in the New Forest. This hands-on approach to sourcing ingredients allows them to have complete control over the quality and flavor of their beers.

The beers produced by Sterling Pig Brewery are described as crisp, refreshing, and flavorful. This is a testament to the expertise and experience of Brian McConnell, the owner and brewmaster, who has been in the industry for over 14 years.

Sterling Pig Brewery is a prime example of a successful and innovative brewery that combines sustainability, creativity, and quality craftsmanship. With their unique use of BSG, their commitment to growing their own hops, and their dedication to producing exceptional beers, Sterling Pig Brewery has carved out a niche in the market and continues to delight beer enthusiasts with their offerings.

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