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Voli , founded in 2008 in France, is now owned and produced by Armando Christian Perez (aka Pitbull) in his hometown of Podgorica, Montenegro. Since 2016, Voli has been producing some of the world's finest super-premium vodkas with the help of locally sourced ingredients from all over the world. This includes Florida sweet corn for the brand's signature “Voli 305 Handmade Vodka”.

What makes Voli unique is its high-end production quality that focuses on small batch handcrafted . Each bottle is carefully crafted to ensure it meets the highest standards and delivers a smooth taste every time. The spirits are distilled multiple times to ensure a clean finish and an unmistakable aroma. The result is a premium vodka that stands apart from oher brands on the market.

Voli's commitment to quality doesn't stop at just their vodka either – they also produce liqueurs and ready-to-drink such as mojitos, margaritas, and cosmopolitans. These drinks are perfect for any occasion and offer an indulgent experience that can be enjoyed alone or with friends. No matter what your preference is, there's something for everyone at Voli!

If you're looking for an exceptional spirit that offers superior taste without compromising quality or flavor, then look no further than Voli Vodka! Whether you like your vodka neat or prefer a crafty cocktail concoction, Voli has you covered. So grab a bottle today and discover why this brand has become one of the most sought after vodkas in the world!

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Where is Voli Vodka Produced?

Voli 305 Handmade Vodka is produced in Miami, Florida. It is locally owned by Pitbull (Mr. 305) and it is proudly made with the finest ingredients, including local sweet corn sourced from the state of Florida. Voli 305 Handmade Vodka is a super-premium quality vodka and a testament to the quality of craftsmanship found in Miami.

Who is the Owner of Voli 305?

Voli 305 is owned by global superstar Armando Christian Perez “Pitbull”. The brand was founded and is owned by the Miami native, who wanted to create a vodka that represented his hometown and his enthusiasm for living life to the fullest. The brand is made and distilled in the heart of trend-setting Miami, FL, and is known for its smooth taste, unique bottle design and overall quality.


Voli Vodka is a premium spirit that was founded in 2008 and is now owned by Armando Christian Perez, more commonly known as Pitbull. Produced in the home of Pitbull, Podgorica, Montenegro, Voli Vodka is crafted using only the finest ingredients, including locally-sourced Florida sweet corn for their Miami-based production. As a locally owned brand, Voli 305 Handmade Vodka is proud to call itself a Miami product and with its dedication to quality and passion for craftsmanship, it is no surprise that Voli continues to be one of the most sought after vodkas on the market today.

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