What is a floating dip tube?

Answered by Paul Bowser

A floating dip tube, such as the Torpedo Buoy™, is an innovative device designed to improve the clarity and quality of when it is dispensed from a keg. It works by ensuring that the clearest beer is always poured first, from the top of the keg, while any residual haze or sediment settles at the bottom.

When beer is stored in a keg, particularly at low temperatures, it can develop haze particles due to various factors such as proteins, , or hop compounds. These particles can affect the appearance and taste of the beer, resulting in a less desirable drinking experience.

The floating dip tube addresses this issue by utilizing a buoyancy principle. The tube is designed to float at the top of the beer level in the keg, allowing any sediment or haze particles to settle below it. As a result, when the beer is dispensed, the tube ensures that only the clearest beer is drawn from the top, while the settled particles remain undisturbed.

This innovative design is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it allows for consistently clearer beer to be poured throughout the life of the keg. The first pint will be just as clear as the last, providing a visually appealing experience for the consumer. This is particularly important for beer enthusiasts who appreciate the aesthetics of a well-poured pint.

Furthermore, the floating dip tube helps to reduce waste. Traditionally, when a keg nears its end, the beer can become cloudier and less desirable due to the settled particles being agitated during dispensing. With the floating dip tube, this issue is minimized, allowing for a higher percentage of the keg's contents to be enjoyed.

From personal experience as a brewer and beer enthusiast, I have found that the floating dip tube can significantly enhance the overall quality of the beer. It ensures that the flavors and aromas are not compromised by the presence of haze particles, resulting in a more enjoyable drinking experience.

A floating dip tube, like the Torpedo Buoy™, is a valuable tool for maintaining the clarity and quality of beer when dispensing from a keg. By allowing the clearest beer to be poured first and keeping settled particles undisturbed, it ensures a visually appealing and flavorful pint from start to finish.