What is the difference with Crown Royal XO?

Answered by Rodney Landry

Crown Royal XO is a step up from the standard Crown Royal blend, offering a slightly more complex and refined flavor profile. The first noticeable difference is the lower by volume (abv), which softens the palate and allows the flavors to shine through without any overwhelming alcohol burn. This lower abv also makes it a more approachable and easy-drinking .

In terms of flavor, Crown Royal XO brings about notes of fruit, caramel, and a hint of oak spice. The fruit flavors are reminiscent of ripe berries and orchard fruits, adding a touch of sweetness to the whiskey. The caramel notes provide a rich and indulgent quality, while the oak spice adds depth and complexity. These flavors work together harmoniously, creating a well-balanced and enjoyable drinking experience.

One aspect that sets Crown Royal XO apart from the standard blend is its aging process. The XO expression is aged in a combination of new and used oak , which imparts additional layers of flavor and complexity to the whiskey. The oak barrels contribute subtle vanilla and toffee notes, enhancing the overall flavor profile.

When it comes to the finish, Crown Royal XO has a lighter and shorter finish compared to the standard blend. This means that the flavors linger on the palate for a shorter period of time, but they leave behind a pleasant and lingering taste of vanilla custard. The finish is smooth and satisfying, providing a satisfying end to each sip.

Crown Royal XO offers a more elevated and refined drinking experience compared to the standard blend. The lower abv, enhanced flavors, and unique aging process all contribute to its heightened complexity and enjoyment. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, Crown Royal XO is sure to impress whiskey enthusiasts and novices alike.