What kind of beer is unholy Trippel?

Answered by Joseph Vos

Unholy Trippel is a unique and captivating that combines the best of both Belgian and American traditions. As a sommelier and brewer, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a wide range of beer styles, and Unholy Trippel stands out as a truly exceptional brew.

First and foremost, Unholy Trippel is a Belgian Style Trippel. This means that it is brewed with a higher content than most traditional beers, typically ranging from 7-10% ABV. The term “Trippel” refers to the triple fermentation process used to create this style of beer, resulting in a complex and layered flavor profile.

What sets Unholy Trippel apart from other Belgian Trippels is the use of American . While traditional Belgian Trippels tend to have a more subdued hop character, Unholy Trippel takes a bold and assertive approach by incorporating American hops. This infusion of American hops brings a vibrant and citrusy hop flavor to the beer, balancing out the rich maltiness and adding a refreshing twist.

The name “Unholy” perfectly captures the rebellious and boundary-pushing nature of this beer. It dares to challenge the traditional norms of Belgian brewing by embracing the bold flavors and aromas of American hops. This fusion of styles creates a truly unique and unforgettable drinking experience.

When pouring a glass of Unholy Trippel, you can expect a beautiful golden color with a slight haze, typical of Belgian-style beers. The aroma is a delightful blend of fruity esters, spicy phenols, and a burst of hoppy citrus notes. Upon tasting, the beer reveals a rich and complex flavor profile. The backbone provides a sweet and bready character, while the American hops contribute a burst of tropical and citrus flavors. The finish is dry and slightly , leaving you craving another sip.

One of the things I love most about Unholy Trippel is its dangerously drinkable nature. Despite its higher alcohol content, the beer is incredibly smooth and well-balanced. The combination of the fruity esters, spicy phenols, and hoppy bitterness creates a harmony of flavors that keeps you coming back for more. It's a beer that demands to be savored and enjoyed slowly, allowing the layers of flavor to unfold with each sip.

I had the pleasure of trying Unholy Trippel during a beer tasting event at a local brewery. As a lover of both Belgian and American beer styles, I was immediately intrigued by the concept of blending the two together. From the moment I took my first sip, I was blown away by the complexity and depth of flavors in this beer. The marriage of the Belgian yeast character with the bold American hops was a revelation. It was a beer that challenged my preconceived notions of what a Trippel could be and left a lasting impression on my palate.

Unholy Trippel is a remarkable beer that defies convention and pushes the boundaries of traditional brewing styles. It combines the best of both Belgian and American brewing traditions, resulting in a beer that is big, bold, and dangerously drinkable. Whether you're a fan of Belgian Trippels or American hop-forward beers, Unholy Trippel offers a unique and captivating drinking experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. So go ahead, embrace the “unholy” and indulge in this exceptional brew.