Who is Stone Cold’s wife?

Answered by Paul Bowser

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s wife is Kristin Austin, also known as Kristin Feres. They got married on November 13, 2009, in a private ceremony on their ranch in Tilden, Texas. Kristin Austin is not involved in the wrestling industry but has been supportive of her husband’s career throughout the years.

Kristin and Steve Austin have been together for over a decade and have built a strong partnership. They have faced various challenges together, including Steve’s career in professional wrestling and his transition into other ventures such as acting and hosting television shows.

Although Kristin Austin prefers to stay out of the limelight, she has occasionally made appearances alongside her husband at red carpet events and public appearances. Their relationship seems to be based on mutual support and respect, as they have been able to navigate the ups and downs of fame while maintaining a strong bond.

It’s worth mentioning that Stone Cold Steve Austin was previously married and divorced twice before marrying Kristin. His first marriage was to Kathryn Burrhus, which ended in divorce in 1992. He then married Jeannie Clark, also known as Lady Blossom, in 1992, but they divorced in 1999.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s wife is Kristin Austin, and they have been happily married since 2009. Despite being a private individual, Kristin has shown support for her husband’s career and has been by his side through various challenges. Their relationship appears to be built on a strong foundation of love and respect.