Who makes blackened whiskey?

Answered by Louis Krause

The collaboration between Metallica and the distillation team is a unique aspect of BLACKENED . The band members themselves are actively involved in the creation of the whiskey, infusing their passion for music and craftsmanship into the entire process. They have a say in selecting the used for aging, the blending process, and the overall flavor profile of the final product.

The process of making BLACKENED whiskey is a labor of love, combining traditional distillation techniques with innovative aging methods. The whiskey starts with a blend of hand-selected , , and other whiskies, which are then married together in black casks. The casks are subjected to a proprietary sonic enhancement process called “Black Noise,” where the whiskey is exposed to Metallica's music to agitate the liquid and accelerate the maturation process.

The use of music in the aging process is an intriguing and unique approach that sets BLACKENED apart from other whiskeys. The vibrations from the music create tiny waves and ripples within the whiskey, increasing the interaction between the liquid and the wood of the casks. This dynamic aging technique enhances the flavor development and creates a more harmonious and complex final product.

Furthermore, the attention to detail and commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of BLACKENED whiskey. The team focuses on sourcing the finest ingredients, implementing meticulous distillation techniques, and carefully monitoring the aging process to ensure a consistently exceptional product.

BLACKENED whiskey is a result of the collaborative efforts between Metallica and a team of dedicated experts in the field of distillation. While the unfortunate passing of Dave Pickerell left a void, Master Distiller Rob Dietrich has stepped in to carry on his legacy and continue crafting the exceptional blend that BLACKENED is known for. With the band's active involvement and the unique use of music in the aging process, BLACKENED whiskey is a testament to the passion, creativity, and innovation that goes into its creation.