Who owns 67 Degrees Brewing?

Answered by Nicholas Phillips

67 Degrees is owned by Olivier Edouard and his four cousins. They all grew up together in Haiti, sharing a deep bond and a love for brewing. This microbrewery, located on Grove Street in the small city of Franklin, is the culmination of their shared passion and hard work.

Growing up in Haiti, we were surrounded by a vibrant culture that celebrated food and drink. Our family gatherings often included homemade brews, and we would spend hours experimenting with different flavors and techniques. It was during these moments that our love for brewing began to take root.

As we got older, we started dreaming about turning our passion into a business. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but we were determined to make our mark in the brewing industry. After much research and planning, we finally took the leap and opened 67 Degrees Brewing.

The decision to open our microbrewery in Franklin was not made lightly. We wanted to be part of a community that would appreciate and support our craft. Franklin, with its close-knit community and growing scene, seemed like the perfect fit.

In the early days of 67 Degrees Brewing, we faced numerous challenges. From finding the right location to securing funding, each step required dedication and perseverance. But we were fueled by our shared passion and the desire to bring unique, high-quality brews to our customers.

Our journey as owners of 67 Degrees Brewing has been a rollercoaster ride. We've experienced both highs and lows, but through it all, we've remained committed to our vision. We've poured countless hours into perfecting our recipes, experimenting with different ingredients, and refining our brewing techniques.

One of the things that sets us apart is our dedication to craftsmanship. We believe that brewing is an art form, and we strive for perfection in every batch we create. From the selection of the finest and malts to the precise fermentation process, we pour our hearts and souls into every bottle of beer we produce.

But it's not just about the beer. We also place a strong emphasis on creating a welcoming and inclusive space for our customers. We want 67 Degrees Brewing to be a place where people can come together, share stories, and create lasting memories.

Being a microbrewery, we have the freedom to constantly innovate and experiment with new flavors. We love pushing the boundaries and surprising our customers with unique and unexpected brews. Whether it's a bold or a smooth , we aim to offer a diverse range of options to suit every palate.

As the owners of 67 Degrees Brewing, we take immense pride in what we've built. It's not just a business; it's a reflection of our shared heritage, passion, and dreams. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our craft with the world and look forward to continuing our journey in the brewing industry.

Olivier Edouard and his four cousins are the proud owners of 67 Degrees Brewing. Their journey from growing up together in Haiti to opening a microbrewery in Franklin has been filled with hard work, dedication, and a love for brewing. They strive to create unique, high-quality brews while fostering a sense of community and inclusivity. With their shared passion and commitment to craftsmanship, 67 Degrees Brewing is set to make a lasting impact in the world of brewing.