The Unique Flavor of Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey

Introducing Writers' Tears , a unique blend of single pot still and single Irish whiskies produced by husband and wife team Bernard and Rosemary Walsh. This exceptional whiskey is sure to please any connoisseur of fine with its mellow notes of vanilla and golden malt, green apple skin, caramel and a hint of oak.

The Walsh family has been in the whiskey business for generations, so it comes as no surprise that Writers' Tears has turned out to be an international success. The Walsh's commitment to craftsmanship is evident in the triple-distilled process which gives this whiskey its smooth finish. The result is a smooth yet complex whiskey that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Writers' Tears stands out from oter Irish whiskeys for its unique flavor profile. On the nose you get aromas of sweet honey and vanilla. On the palate you experience a malty sweetness followed by subtle notes of caramel, oak, and green apple skin. The finish is warming and sweet with an incredibly long lasting taste that lingers on the tongue even after sipping.

For those looking for an exceptional Irish whiskey experience, Writers' Tears is sure to please! Not only does it deliver an exquisite flavor profile, but also has a rich history behind it – making it all the more remarkable. We highly recommend adding this one to your collection!

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Tasting Notes for Writers Tears Whiskey

Writers Tears is an Irish Whiskey made of a combination of both single malt and single pot still whiskeys. On the nose, Writers Tears offers notes of fresh apple, citrus fruits, and light oak. Its palate is smooth and mellow with aromas of toasted barley and caramel. There are subtle hints of toffee, honeycomb and vanilla throughout, while the finish is long and sweet with touches of spice.

The Type of Whiskey Known as ‘Writers Tears'

Writers' Tears is an Irish whiskey that is made usig a blend of single pot still and single malt Irish whiskies. This type of whiskey is relatively uncommon in the world of Irish whisky, as most whiskeys are made from just one type of grain. The pot still whiskey in the blend brings a heavier body to the flavor profile, while the single malt brings a lighter, more delicate flavor. The balance between these two whiskeys creates a unique and complex flavor that has notes of honey and spice with a hint of vanilla. Writers' Tears is best enjoyed neat or with just a few drops of to bring out the subtle nuances in its flavor.

Aging Process of Writers Tears Whiskey

Writer's Tears is an Irish whiskey blend that was created in 2003 by the Walsh Whiskey Distillery. It is a unique blend comprised of both single malt and single grain whiskeys, including some of their own pot still whiskey, which is distilled from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley. The whiskeys used to make Writer's Tears are aged for a minimum of three years in oak , in accordance with Irish whiskey regulations. This aging process gies the whiskey its signature smooth and mellow taste. After three years, the individual whiskeys are then carefully blended together to create an exceptionally smooth whiskey that has a hint of sweetness on the palate.

Who Is the Owner of Writers Tears Whiskey?

Writers' Tears whiskey is owed and produced by Walsh Whiskey, a craft Irish whiskey distillery established by husband and wife, Bernard and Rosemary Walsh. Based in County Carlow, Ireland, Walsh Whiskey produces exclusively premium and super-premium, triple-distilled whiskeys like Writers' Tears and The Irishman. Both of their products have been critically acclaimed and are beloved around the world.

The Origin of the Name Writer's Tears

Writers Tears gets its name from the Irish writers and playwrights of the 19th century who found solace in their local pubs. The whiskey pays homage to these writers and is produced using traditional methods from the same Copper Pot distillates used by 19th century Irish distillers. The whiskey was crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia for thse literary icons, hence the name “Writers Tears.”

The Origin of Writers Tears Whiskey

Writers' Tears Red Head is a blended whiskey made at the Walsh Whiskey Distillery in Royal Oak, County Carlow, Ireland. The whiskey is produced using a combination of single malt and single pot still whiskeys, which are then blended together to produce the signature Writers' Tears taste. The single malt used in the blend is sourced from Ireland's oldest distillery, Cooley Distillery, while the single pot still whiskey used is sourced from the Midleton Distillery. Both of thse distilleries are located in County Cork. The whiskey is then matured in ex- oak casks before being finished in Oloroso casks for an added layer of complexity and sweetness. Finally, it is bottled at 40% ABV and non-chill filtered to preserve maximum flavour.


In conclusion, Writers' Tears is an Irish whiskey that stands out from the crowd due to its unique blend of single pot stll and single malt Irish whiskies. It is produced by Walsh Whiskey, a company established by husband and wife duo Bernard and Rosemary Walsh, who are leading the Irish whiskey renaissance. With its mellow notes of vanilla and golden malt, green apple skin, caramel, and a hint of oak flavor, Writers' Tears is sure to satisfy any whiskey enthusiast. Its long-lasting finish is both warming and sweet, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a high-quality Irish whiskey experience.

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