Who owns Golden Knights?

Answered by Joseph Vos

The Golden Knights, a professional ice hockey team based in Las Vegas, is owned by none other than the billionaire entrepreneur, Bill Foley. But his ownership of sports teams doesn't stop there – Foley's love for sports extends to the world of European soccer as well. He is the proud owner of two European soccer clubs and now has his sights set on expanding his sports empire even further by pursuing ownership of a Scottish club and an expansion team in New Zealand.

Bill Foley's journey into sports ownership began with his acquisition of the Vegas Golden Knights in 2017. As a resident of Las Vegas, he saw an opportunity to bring professional ice hockey to the city and played a pivotal role in establishing the team. The Golden Knights quickly became a beloved part of the Las Vegas community, capturing the hearts of fans and achieving remarkable success on the ice.

But Foley's passion for sports extends far beyond ice hockey. He has also made a significant investment in European soccer, acquiring ownership of two clubs. While the specific names of these clubs are not mentioned in the question, it is worth noting that Foley's ventures in soccer have added another layer to his diverse sports portfolio.

Now, Foley's attention has turned to the Scottish soccer scene. Scotland has a rich footballing history, and the prospect of owning a club in such a storied footballing nation is undoubtedly enticing to him. The Scottish football landscape is filled with passionate fans, fierce rivalries, and a vibrant football culture that would undoubtedly provide an exciting challenge for any owner.

In addition to his interest in Scottish soccer, Foley is also eyeing the expansion of his sports empire into New Zealand. The country has a growing soccer scene, and an expansion team would not only provide him with new opportunities but also contribute to the development of the sport in the region. New Zealand's unique sporting culture, with rugby being the dominant sport, presents an interesting dynamic for soccer to thrive and capture the imagination of fans.

Foley's pursuit of ownership in both Scotland and New Zealand demonstrates his ambition to build successful sports teams and organizations across different continents. It is a testament to his passion for sports and his desire to make a meaningful impact in the sporting world. By expanding his ownership into new territories, Foley is not only looking for financial success but also seeking to create a lasting legacy in the sports communities of these regions.

Bill Foley, the owner of the Golden Knights, is a billionaire sports entrepreneur with a diverse sports portfolio that includes ownership of two European soccer clubs. His ambition knows no bounds as he seeks to acquire a Scottish club and establish an expansion team in New Zealand. Foley's passion for sports and his desire to make a meaningful impact in various sporting communities are evident in his ventures, and it will be fascinating to see how his ownership continues to shape the world of sports in the years to come.