Who owns Other Half Brewing Company?

Answered by Paul Bowser

Other Half Company is owned by three individuals: Sam Richardson, Matt Monahan, and Andrew Burman. These three founders came together in 2014 with a shared vision and a passion for creating exceptional beers.

Sam Richardson, one of the owners, brings a wealth of brewing knowledge and experience to the company. He has a background in biology and chemistry, which gives him a deep understanding of the science behind brewing. Sam's expertise in recipe development and brewing techniques has been instrumental in the success of Other Half.

Matt Monahan, another owner of Other Half, has a strong background in business and finance. His skills in managing the financial aspects of the company have helped ensure its growth and sustainability. Matt's attention to detail and strategic thinking have been crucial in establishing Other Half as a key player in the craft industry.

Andrew Burman, the third owner, brings a unique perspective to the company with his background in marketing and branding. He has a keen eye for design and has played a significant role in shaping the visual identity of Other Half. Andrew's creativity and ability to connect with consumers have helped establish Other Half as a recognizable and respected brand.

Together, these three owners have created a dynamic and innovative brewery that has gained a loyal following. They have built a company culture that values quality, creativity, and authenticity. Other Half is known for pushing the boundaries of beer styles and flavors, constantly experimenting and collaborating with other breweries.

In my personal experience, I have had the pleasure of trying several beers from Other Half Brewing Company. Each one has been a unique and memorable experience. Whether it's a hazy bursting with tropical fruit flavors or a rich and complex barrel-aged , Other Half consistently delivers exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

The success of Other Half can be attributed to the passion and dedication of its owners. They have created a company that reflects their own personal tastes and values, and it resonates with beer enthusiasts around the world. Other Half has become a staple in the community, and its owners continue to drive the company forward with their commitment to excellence.

Other Half Brewing Company is owned by Sam Richardson, Matt Monahan, and Andrew Burman. Their combined expertise in brewing, business, and marketing has allowed them to establish Other Half as a leading brewery in the craft beer industry. Their passion for creating exceptional beers and their commitment to quality has made Other Half a favorite among beer enthusiasts.