Why is Buffalo Bills called Mafia?

Answered by Christopher Steppe

The Buffalo Bills being called the “Bills Mafia” is an interesting story that stems from a tweet by former Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson back in 2011. After a tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Johnson tweeted out his frustration, saying, “I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO…”

This tweet quickly gained attention and became a topic of discussion among Bills fans and the media. Some fans started referring to themselves as the “Bills Mafia” as a way to show support for Johnson and the team, despite the disappointing loss. The nickname caught on and has since become synonymous with the passionate and dedicated fan base of the Buffalo Bills.

But the term “Bills Mafia” has come to represent more than just a group of passionate fans. It has also become associated with the raucous tailgates outside Bills games, where fans gather to celebrate and show their unwavering support for the team. These tailgates often involve fans jumping off RVs and trucks and through folding tables, which has become a signature tradition of the Bills Mafia.

The term “Bills Mafia” has also become known for the charitable acts and giving back that the fan base is involved in. Despite being a passionate and rowdy fan base, Bills fans have shown a remarkable commitment to their community and have raised money for various charitable causes. From fundraising for cancer research to supporting local food banks, the Bills Mafia has made a positive impact off the field as well.

In my personal experience, I have witnessed the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the Bills Mafia firsthand. Attending a Bills game at New Era Field is an unforgettable experience, as the energy and passion from the fans is palpable. The tailgates are unlike any other, with fans coming together to celebrate their team and create a sense of community.

The nickname “Bills Mafia” has become ingrained in the identity of the Buffalo Bills and their fan base. It represents the unwavering support, passion, and resilience of Bills fans, both on and off the field. Whether it's jumping through tables or giving back to the community, the Bills Mafia continues to make its mark and create a unique fan experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.