Low-Calorie Cocktails: Wild Leap Vodka

Introducing Wild Leap – Georgia's favorite vodka and the perfect addition to any cocktail. This premium vodka is distilled from 100% yellow corn and naturally gluten-free, making it an ideal choice when crafting next-level . Whether you're lookng for a light drink or something with a bit more flavor, Wild Leap Vodka has you covered.

Wild Leap Vodka is a great option for those looking to make light drinks or lower-calorie cocktails. A traditional vodka , made with Wild Leap Vodka and unflavored club soda, only contains 133 calories per 7.5-ounce (225-mL) serving – one of the lowest calorie mixed drinks available. Additionally, Wild Leap Vodka can be used to craft delicious and unique cocktails without adding too many calories. For example, MYGOTU Premium Cocktails are handcrafted with love and spiked for satisfaction at 5% by volume but contain only 100 calories per 12-ounce can – that's less than half the calories of a typical light ! With flavors such as Raspberry Lemonade, Pineapple Passionfruit and Grapefruit Peach, these low calorie cocktails offer an ambrosial way to enjoy your drink without all the extra calories.

For those who like their drinks on the stronger side, you can always opt for a classic martini; mixing Wild Leap Vodka with dry will give you around 200 calories in total – still fewer than most alcoholic beverages out there!

So if you're looking for an easy way to lighten up your favorite cocktails or just cut down on your drinking calories in general, Wild Leap Vodka is definitely worth trying out!

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Calorie Count of Wild Leap Vodka Cocktail

Wild Leap Vodka cocktails contain 100 calories per 12-ounce serving. Crafted with natural flavors, these gluten-free and keto-friendly cocktails are spiked at 5% alcohol by volume and contain only one gram of carbs. A variety of delicious flavors are available, such as Raspberry Lemonade, Pineapple Passionfruit and Grapefruit Peach. Enjoy a Wild Leap Vodka cocktail knowing that you're indulging in a low calorie treat!
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Where Is Wild Leap Vodka Produced?

Wild Leap Vodka is made in the heart of the South, in LaGrange, Georgia. The vodka is crafted with care in an 85-year-old facility that has been used to create some of the finest in the world. The premium vodka is made from 100% yellow corn and triple-distilled for exceptional smoothness and flavor. The distillation process uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that each batch meets the highest standards of quality and consistency. Wild Leap Vodka is naturally gluten-free and perfect for creating next-level cocktails.

Who Is the Owner of Wild Leap?

Wild Leap is owned by Anthony Rodriguez and Rob Goldstein. The two of them, alongside expert brewer Chris Elliott, created the brewery in 2019 and have since extended their passion into spirits, leading to the birth of Wild Leap Vodka. Together, they strive to create exceptional craft beverages that bring joy and connection to their community.


Wild Leap Vodka is the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy a cocktail without the guilt. It is distilled from 100% yellow corn, naturally gluten-free, and contains just 133 calories per 7.5-ounce (225-ml) serving. With its smooth taste and clean finish, Wild Leap vodka has become Georgia's favorite spirit for creating next-level cocktails. Whether you're looking for a light, low calorie drink or something more robust and flavorful, Wild Leap Vodka is sure to please.

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