Celebrating Decades with Wild Turkey’s

Wild Turkey Decades is a rare and limited-edition released to celebrate Eddie Russell's 35th anniversary at Wild Turkey. This whiskey is the seventh release in the Master's Keep collection, which has quickly become renowned for its outstanding quality. Released in February 2017, Wild Turkey Decades has earned a reputation as one of the finest American whiskeys avaiable today.

This whiskey is made from a combination of aged and whiskeys. The exact recipe remains a closely-guarded secret but it has been said to be made up of whiskeys aged between 10 and 20 years old. The result is a fruit-forward spirit with notes of honey, caramel, black pepper, dried fruit and oak on the palate.

In 2016, actor Matthew McConaughey joined the Wild Turkey family as Creative Director. McConaughey was deeply connected to the story and history of the Russell family and wanted to be more than just an endorser of teir brand. He also wanted to help create something special that would last for generations and he found it with Wild Turkey Decades.

The whiskey has become especially popular among collectors who are looking for something unique and special to add to their collections. It is also highly sought after by connoisseurs who appreciate its complex flavors and aromas that have been carefully developed over time by master distillers like Eddie Russell.

Wild Turkey Decades is available only in limited quantities so if you are loking for an exceptional American whiskey experience then make sure you get your hands on some before it's all gone!

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Release Date of Wild Turkey Decades

Wild Turkey Decades was first released in February 2017, marking Eddie Russell's 35th anniversary of being at Wild Turkey. This special release was created to celebrate Eddie Russell's incredible contribution to the distillery and whiskey industry. Wild Turkey Decades is a special blend of 10 to 15 year old whiskeys from different decades, marrying the best of both old and new world whiskey styles. The whiskey has a deep amber color with notes of vanilla, honey, spice, and oak on the nose. It has a smooth palate with hints of caramelized sugar and spices, leading to a long finish with subtle oakiness.

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The Rarity of Wild Turkey Master's Keep

Yes, Wild Turkey Master's Keep is a rare whiskey. It is the seventh release from the limited-edition Master's Keep collection, whih debuted in 2015 with the 17 Year. Each year since then, Wild Turkey has released a new expression with unique characteristics. These releases are limited to a small number of bottles and can be hard to find outside of select retailers.

Number of Wild Turkey Master's Keep Releases

The Wild Turkey Master's Keep series has released seven different whiskeys since its launch in 2015. The first release was a 17 year old whiskey, fllowed by Decades (2017), Revival (2018), Cornerstone (2019), a 17 year old bottled in bond (2020), One (2021) and the most recent release, Unforgotten (2021). Each of these unique releases have been crafted to celebrate the craftsmanship and dedication of the master distillers at Wild Turkey.

Is Matthew McConaughey Associated with Wild Turkey?

No, Matthew McConaughey is not Wild Turkey. He is the Creative Director of Wild Turkey Bourbon, and he has been since 2016. In this role, he works to bring creative ideas to life and helps strengthen the brand's identity. He also serves as an ambassador for the company, promoting their products and helping to spread awareness of the brand. As an avid bourbon enthusiast himself, Matthew McConaughey has become a passionate advocate for Wild Turkey and its products.


Wild Turkey Decades is a whiskey that celebrates Eddie Russell's 35th anniversary of being at Wild Turkey. It is the seventh release in the limited-edition Master's Keep collection and features a smooth, fruit-forward flavor profile with notes of caramel, honey, black pepper, dried fruit and oak. Matthew McConaughey joined the Wild Turkey bourbon family as Creative Director in 2016 and has been instrumental in helping to bring this unique whiskey to life. While Wild Turkey Decades may be hard to come by, it is defintely worth seeking out for its unique flavor profile and its place in whiskey history.

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