Boozy Good Times with SLRRRP Shots

Are you lookig for an exciting new way to spice up your next event? SLRRRP Shots may be just the thing for you! SLRRRP Shots are delicious, -based shots that are perfect for parties, tailgates, days on the boat, or any other occasion where a fun and boozy addition is needed.

SLRRRP Shots are 13% ABV or 26 Proof and made with premium vodka that is 6 times distilled and from a proprietary blend of plant-based extract. As such, they're not just strong but they're also vegetarian-friendly. These shots come in a variety of flavors such as Pineapple Mango, Peach , and Cucumber Lime. With all of these amazing flavor combinations available, there's something for everyone!

The creator of SLRRRP Shots is Stephen Houck – an entrepreneur and seasoned veteran of the industry. He was inspired to create this product after hearing numerous people say that they don't like the taste of vodka shots. He wanted to create something that would still provide the buzz that people seek from a shot but also have great flavor without compromising on quality or strength. And with SLRRRP Shots he has certainly achieved this goal!

So if you're looking for some fun and flavorful shots to add to your next event then check out SLRRRP Shots today. They'll definitely help take your event from ordinary to extraordinary!

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What Alcohol Is Used in Slrrrp?

Slrrrp is an alcoholic produced by the company of the same name. It is a vodka-based shot flavored with natural fruit extracts and cane sugar, containing 13% alcohol by volume (ABV) or 26 proof. The beverage is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Are Slrrrp Shots Potent?

Yes, Slrrrp shots are quite strong. Each shot contains 13% alcohol, which is higher than most mixed drinks and . If you're looking for a fun and boozy addition to your next party, tailgate, or day on the boat, these shots are sure to provide a good kick! Be sure to enjoy them responsibly and never drink and drive.

Who is the Owner of Slrrrp Shots?

SLRRRP Shots is owned and operated by co-founders Stephen Houck and Rob Mason. The company was created in 2019 with the goal of providing unique, delicious tasting shots to a large audience.

The two entrepreneurs bring a diverse range of experience and knowledge to the business. Stephen Houck has been in the alcohol industry for over 15 years and has held a variety of positions including Senior Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development at Beam Suntory and Vice President at Diageo. Rob Mason brings his expertise from founding and leading multiple beverage companies such as HighWest Distillery, which he founded in 2006.

Together, Stephen and Rob have created an innovative product that is quickly gaining popularity amog consumers. SLRRRP Shots are sold in both individual shot bottles as well as pre-mixed packs, making them an ideal way to enjoy a great tasting shot any time you want. With their combined knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to quality, Stephen and Rob are setting the bar for premium alcoholic shots.

Where is Slrrrp Shots Manufactured?

Slrrrp shots are proudly made in California, USA! Our premium vodka is 6 times distilled and is made from a proprietary blend of plant-based extracts, making it suitable for vegetarians. We strive to provide the highest quality ingredients to ensure you get the best tasting shot possible. Slrrrp shots are lovingly crafted in small batches, ensuring that every bottle meets our stringent standards for quality and flavor. Enjoy!


In conclusion, SLRRRP Shots are an excellent and fun way to add some boozy fun to any gathering. Made with premium vodka that is 6 times distilled and from a proprietary blend of plant-based extract, these shots are 13% ABV which is pretty strong. Not only that, they're also vegetarian-friendly! With their unique taste and high alcohol content, they are sure to be a hit at any party. So go ahead and bring out the SLRRRP Shots for your next get-together – you won't regret it!

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