The Refreshing Flavor of Wiseacre Tiny Bomb

enthusiasts, get ready to experience the explosive flavors of Wiseacre Company's Tiny Bomb Pilsner. This -made brew has gained quite the reputation, currently ranking as the #5 Craft Pilsner in the United States. With its unique taste profile and refreshing qualities, it's no wonder that Tiny Bomb is making waves in the scene.

The first thing you'll notice when you take a sip of Tiny Bomb is its grainy and doughy taste. This gives the beer a distinct and satisfying texture, making it a delight to drink. The subtle grassy add a touch of bitterness, perfectly balancing out the -forward flavor. It's a Pilsner that doesn't overwhelm with strong hoppy notes, but instead offers a more nuanced and approachable taste.

One of the standout features of Tiny Bomb is its lightness. While Pilsners often have a heavier body, Tiny Bomb surprises with its refreshing and easy-drinking nature. It's the kind of beer that you can enjoy on a hot summer day without feeling weighed down. This makes it a great choice for those who prefer a lighter flavor profile without sacrificing taste.

But don't let its lightness fool you – Tiny Bomb still packs a punch in terms of flavor. The malt-forward profile gives it a solid foundation, making it a satisfying and well-rounded beer. The combination of grainy and doughy notes creates a depth of flavor that keeps you coming back for more.

What sets Tiny Bomb apart from other Pilsners is its ability to balance traditional flavors with a twist. It pays homage to the classic Pilsner style while adding its own unique touches. Wiseacre Brewing has truly crafted a beer that stands out from the crowd, offering a taste experience that is both familiar and refreshing.

It's no wonder that Tiny Bomb has become the best-selling craft beer in Tennessee. Its popularity is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the brewing team at Wiseacre. The brothers behind the brewery, Davin and Kellan Bartosch, have poured their passion into creating a truly exceptional beer that captures the essence of their groovy hometown of Memphis, TN.

So, whether you're a seasoned craft beer enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of brewing, Wiseacre Tiny Bomb Pilsner is a must-try. Its grainy, doughy, and subtly hoppy flavors make for a refreshing and satisfying drinking experience. Get ready to have your taste buds explode with delight as you indulge in this top-notch craft beer.

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What Does Tiny Bomb Taste Like?

Tiny Bomb is a Pilsner beer that has a distinctive taste profile. When you take a sip, you will notice that it has a grainy and doughy flavor, which adds a pleasant and slightly rustic element to the overall taste experience. The beer is also characterized by subtle grassy hops, which contribute to its refreshing quality.

What sets Tiny Bomb apart is its malt-forward nature. The malt flavors take center stage, providing a solid foundation for the beer's taste. This results in a slightly heavier flavor profile compared to other Pilsners, but it still maintains a refreshing quality that is characteristic of this beer style.

Tiny Bomb offers a unique taste experience with its grainy and doughy notes, complemented by subtle grassy hops. Its malt-forward nature adds depth and richness to the flavor profile, making it a refreshing and enjoyable choice for Pilsner enthusiasts.

How Many Calories In A Wiseacre Tiny Bomb?

A Wiseacre Tiny Bomb contains a total of 130 calories per serving. These calories are derived solely from the ingredients used in the product. It is important to note that none of the calories in the Wiseacre Tiny Bomb come from fat. The product is designed to provide a flavorful experience without adding any extra fat calories to your diet. By consuming this product, you can enjoy its taste while keeping your fat intake low.


Wiseacre Tiny Bomb is a well-crafted Pilsner that appeals to beer enthusiasts looking for a lighter, refreshing option. Its grainy and doughy taste, along with subtle grassy hops, make for a unique flavor profile that sets it apart from other Pilsners. The beer is malt-forward, providing a satisfying depth of flavor. With its popularity as the best-selling craft beer in Tennessee and ranking as the 5th best Craft Pilsner in the United States, it is clear that Wiseacre has created a winning brew. Whether you're a fan of Pilsners or simply looking to try something new, Wiseacre Tiny Bomb is definitely worth a taste.

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