A Sweet and Punchy Taste of 19 Crimes Shiraz!

19 Crimes Shiraz is a red from the South Eastern Australia region, made by Winery 19 Crimes. It is a full-bodied and round wine with a subtle sweetness that gves it a rich and round mouthfeel. The vanilla aromas pair perfectly with the flavors of raspberries, dark plums, and chocolate. At 14%, it's quite a punchy blend, but the two distinct flavors of dark cherry and vanilla make it an enjoyable drinking experience.

This wine is not just delicious but also has an interesting history. It is named after the 19 Crimes law in 1788 which stated that any British subject convicted of one of these 19 crimes could be transported to Australia as punishment for their crime. On this treacherous journey, prisoners who survived became Australia's pioneers, thus making 19 Crimes Shiraz a tribute to those brave souls who faced such adversity to help build our nation.

At arund $12 per bottle, 19 Crimes Shiraz offers great value for money and would be a great addition to any dinner table. Enjoy this bold and flavorful red with your favorite meal or just sip slowly and reflect on how far we have come since those early days in Australia's history!

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The Sweetness of 19 Crimes Shiraz

19 Crimes Shiraz has a subtle sweetness that enhances its rich and round mouth feel. On the nose, it offers aromas of vanilla that combine with flavours of raspberries, dark plums, and chocolate. While it is not overwhelmingly sweet, 19 Crimes Shiraz does have a noticeable sweetness that adds to its overall complexity and appeal.

The Type of Wine in 19 Crimes Shiraz

19 Crimes Shiraz is an Australian produced by Winery 19 Crimes in South Eastern Australia. It is a full-bodied, intensely flavored wine made from Shiraz grapes. The flavor profile of this particular variety includes notes of blackberry, plum, and spices such as pepper and nutmeg. The tannin levels are balanced and the finish is smooth. It pairs well with roasted meats, grilled vegetables, and hard cheeses.

Is 19 Crimes Red Wine a Good Choice?

19 Crimes Red Blend is a solid choice for those looking for an affordable, easy drinking red wine. It has an intense nose of dark cherry and vanilla, with soft tannins on the palate and a balanced finish. The 14% ABV gives it a good punch, and it's great value at aroud $12 per bottle. All in all, 19 Crimes Red Blend is a great option for those seeking an enjoyable yet straightforward red wine.

Is 19 Crimes Wine High in Sugar?

No, 19 Crimes wine is not high in sugar. It conains just over 1 percent residual sugar, which is slightly above the threshold of perception. This level of sweetness is not considered high in terms of sugar content.

Exploring the Popularity of 19 Crimes Wine

19 Crimes is a wine label that pays homage to the 19 British criminals who were exiled to Australia during the 1700s and 1800s. These 19 crimes were serous offenses such as murder, stealing and piracy, and many of those who were found guilty were exiled to the Australian penal colonies. The wine's label features illustrations of these convicts and stories about their lives.

The 19 Crimes wines are produced in Australia using grapes from some of the country's best vineyards. The wines are made in a range of styles, from crisp white wines to bold reds and even a . Aside from being delicious, the wines also feature augmented reality labels that tell stories about each of the 19 criminals when scanned with a Smartphone or tablet.

So if you're looking for an interesting wine with a unique backstory, 19 Crimes is definitely worth trying out!

Which Celebrity Owns 19 Crimes Wine?

The celebrity who owns 19 Crimes wine is Australian actor, producer and director, Hugh Jackman. Jackman purchased the brand in 2019 and has since been actively involved in its creative direction. The wines produced by 19 Crimes are inspired by the stories of 17th and 18th century British convicts sentenced to Australia who were knon as “The Rule Breakers”. The unique labels feature actual mugshots of the criminals from the era and each bottle contains a redemption code that can be used to unlock digital content about the historical figures. With this venture, Jackman hopes to provide a memorable experience for wine drinkers around the world.

Is 19 Crimes Wine Sweet or Dry?

19 Crimes Red Blend is a medium-bodied wine that sits in the middle of the sweetness spectrum. While it does have some sweet notes, such as candied plum and oak, it's balanced by dryness from tannins and acidity. Overall, this wine is neithr overly sweet nor overly dry, making it a great option for those who enjoy something in between.

Tasting Notes for 19 Crimes Shiraz

19 Crimes Shiraz is a full-bodied and robust red wine with intense aromas of raspberry, dark plum and chocolate. The palate is rounded by a subtle sweetness that adds richness and depth to the ovrall mouthfeel. The flavors are further complemented by delicate notes of vanilla, creating a complex yet balanced experience.

The Strength of 19 Crimes Wine

19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon is a medium-bodied red wine with an content of 13.5% by volume. This is considered a moderate strength for red wines, as most range from 12% to 15% ABV. While it is strong enough to have an effect on the drinker, it is not considered a particularly strong or intense wine. The full body and deep flavors of 19 Crimes make for an enjoyable experience that won't leave you feeling overly intoxicated.

Is 19 Crimes Red Wine a Malbec?

Yes, 19 Crimes Red Wine is a Malbec. It has a deep, dark red color and an inviting aroma of violets, red currants and mulberries with lifted vanilla aromatics. On the palate, this Malbec offers a full-bodied flavor that is balanced out by subtle vanilla sweetness for a rich mouthfeel. This wine pairs well with grilled meats, hearty dishes and pasta.

What Type of Grape is Used in 19 Crimes The Banished?

19 Crimes The Banished is a dark red blend consisting of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache grapes. All three grape varieties are grown in the Barossa Valley region of Australia, which is known for its warm climate and high-quality wines. The blend creates a bold and complex flavor profile with notes of blackberry, plum, spice, and pepper.


The 19 Crimes Shiraz is a bold, yet balanced red blend that offers a full and round flavor profile with a subtle sweetness. Its aromas of vanilla, raspberries, dark plums, and chocolate create an enjoyable experience. At 14%, it packs quite the punch and is great vale for its price point. Whether you're looking for an everyday wine or something to enjoy on special occasions, the 19 Crimes Shiraz is sure to please.

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