The Perfect Absolut Watermelon for Summer Sip

Absolut Watermelon is a refreshing new addition to the Absolut family. With a 38% ABV, it is the perfect way to add an extra layer of flavor and kick to your favorite summer . The aroma of this smooth vodka is rich and elegant, with clear notes of sweet watermelon combined with a hint of spiciness.

The liquid has a pleasantly smooth taste with the distinct character of watermelon that's sure to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you choose to drink it on its own or mix it up in a cocktail, Absolut Watermelon is sure to please. It can be served neat, over ice, or mixed with or tonic for a delicious fruity twist on your favorite drinks.

If you're lookng for an easy and tasty way to cool off during the hot summer months, give Absolut Watermelon a try! Its sweet and refreshing flavor will have you wanting more and its versatility makes it great for any occasion. For added fun, grab some friends and mix up a pitcher of drinks – just add equal parts Absolut Watermelon and soda for an easy crowd-pleaser!


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Mixing Absolut Watermelon

Absolut Watermelon is a great choice to whip up a delicious and refreshing summer drink. For individual servings, simply mix 1.5 fl oz of Absolut Watermelon with 2-3 oz of soda or tonic in a highball glass over ice. If you'd like to serve a larger amount, try making a pitcher of your favorite watermelon cocktail! To do this, fill your pitcher with 12 fl oz of Absolut Watermelon, 24-36 fl oz of soda or tonic, some fruit for sweetness and extra flavor (optional), and plenty of ice – then stir and enjoy! With no calories, carbs, protein, fat or sugar per serving, it's the perfect way to add some fruity flavor to your summer drinks wthout the guilt!

The Taste of Absolut Watermelon

Absolut Watermelon has a smooth, refreshing taste that is both sweet and spicy. The predominant flavor is of fresh watermelon, which is complemented by a subtle hint of spice. It has a light body with a clean finish that lingers pleasantly on the palate.

Alcohol Content of Watermelon Vodka

Watermelon vodka is a flavored vodka with a relatively high content, typically ranging from 30 to 38 percent ABV (alcohol by volume). This means that it is stronger than typical or , and can contain up to three times the amount of alcohol. As such, it is considered a spirit and should be consumed with caution. While watermelon flavored vodka does not necessarily have any added sugars or artificial flavoring, it still packs a punch and should be consumed responsibly.

Evaluating the Quality of Absolut Vodka Watermelon

Absolut Vodka Watermelon is a great option for those looking for a light, refreshing drink with a fruity flavor. It has a subtle taste without being overpowering, and the watermelon flavor comes through nicely. It mixes well with lemonade or lime juice, and is great for making cocktails. Overall it is an excellent vodka and definitely worth trying.


Absolut Watermelon is a refreshing and delicious vodka that is perfect for summer entertaining. With its 38 percent ABV, it packs a punch, but in a deliciously smooth way. Its aroma is rich and elegant with clear notes of sweet Watermelon combined with a hint of spiciness to create a balanced scent. To enjoy this vodka, simply add soda or tonic and serve it in a highball glass or bring a pitcher for your friends to share. With no added sugar or artificial flavoring, Absolut Watermelon is the perfect addition to any summer gathering.

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