The Sweet and Tart Flavors of Alizé Red Passion!

Alizé Red Passion is a unique and vibrant that pairs the sweet taste of ripe, exotic passionfruit with the tartness of cranberries and premium French and . This full-bodied spirit is smooth on the palate with a sweet flavour, and its vivid passionfruit and tart cranberry notes create an unforgettable taste experience.

Whether you're looking for a special ingredient for your next cocktail or just want to enjoy a great drink on its own, Alizé Red Passion is the perfect choice. It has a pleasant aroma which makes it ideal for sipping over ice or as part of a delicious mixed drink. The bright red colour makes it stand out in any setting, adding a festive flair to any occasion.

On its own, Alizé Red Passion has a well-balanced sweetness that's neither too strong nor too weak. Its natural fruit flavours are perfectly complemented by the vodka and cognac base. When used in , this liqueur adds complexity and depth to whatever drink you're making. From margaritas to mojitos to martinis, Alizé Red Passion can take your drinks from ordinary to extraordinary.

Ready to try something new? Look no futher than Alizé Red Passion! This unique liqueur will make any occasion special with its distinctive flavour profile and beautiful colour. Whether you're enjoying it neat or using it as an ingredient in your favourite cocktails, Alizé Red Passion is sure to be a hit!

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Tasting Notes for Alize Red Passion

Alizé Red Passion is a full-bodied liqueur that is smooth and pleasantly sweet on the palate. It has a vivid flavour of ripe, exotic passionfruit, balanced by the tartness of fresh cranberry . The combination of premium French vodka and Cognac adds depth to the flavour and creates a complex, yet harmonious taste. Enjoy this unique blend of natural juices and for a truly unforgettable experience!

Types of Alcohol in Alize

Alizé is a line of vodka-based liqueurs made with premium French vodka. It is a blend of fruit, spices and other ingredients that create an alluring flavor profile. The content of Alizé is 16% (32 US proof). It can be consumed neat or used to make mixed drinks. The current lineup includes eight different varieties, each offering its own unique taste and aroma.

Which Alize Flavor Is The Most Popular?

The Coco Peach flavor of Alizé is widely considered the best in the line. It has a unique and tantalizing nose of hot beach sand and coconut suntan lotion, followed by the sweet taste of fresh peaches blended with a Piña Colada. The liqueur is extremely versatile, as it can be used to add a tropical flair to any cocktail. Whether you're looking for an exotic twist on an old favorite or something completely new, Coco Peach is sure to bring out the best in your concoction.


In conclusion, Alizé Red Passion is a premium French Vodka-based liqueur with a full-bodied flavour of ripe, exotic passionfruit and crisp, tart cranberries. With its smooth taste and sweet finish, it is perfect for creating delicious tropical cocktails or for enjoying neat. Alizé Red Passion is the perfect choice for those looking for an indulgent treat that offers an alluring balance of sweet and tart flavours.

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