The Flavor Profile of Ansac Cognac VS

Ansac VS is a robust and well-balanced cognac with fresh and versatile flavors that make it great for long drinks, , or even served neat or on the rocks. This cognac is produced in the Fins Bois and Petite regions of Cognac, France by Unicognac, a distillery with roots dating back to 1847. It has an ABV of 40%, and its age designation of VS (Very Special) indicates that it has been aged for at least two years.

Cognac is a type of made specifically in the Cognac region of France. It's often sipped neat as an after-dinner drink, but can also be used in classic cocktails like Sidecars and Sazeracs. The aging process is key to producing quality Cognacs; Ansac VS has been aged for at least two years, which gives it a robust flavor profile with notes of dried fruit, nut and lime blossom on the nose.

Because Ansac VS is so versatile, it's great for all kinds of occasions—from casual evenings spent with friends to special occasions with family. Its fresh flavors make it ideal for long drinks like spritzers or refreshing highballs; mix Ansac VS with citrus and for a light summer drink that's sure to please everyone. You can also try mixing it into classic cocktails like Sazeracs or Aviation cocktails for an extra special twist; its sweet undertones will add complexity and balance to any cocktail you make.

At 40% ABV, Ansac VS is strong enough to stand up when served neat or on the rocks—a perfect way to end your evening. Serve it over ice if you prefer something lighter; this will help bring out its subtle aromas wile still allowing you to experience its full flavor profile.

No matter how you choose to enjoy Ansac VS, you can rest assured knowing that you're sipping on one of the finest cognacs available today. With its fresh flavor profile and versatile nature, there's no wrong way to enjoy this delightful spirit!

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The Quality of Ansac Cognac

Ansac VS is a good cognac. It is a blend of cognacs aged between 5 and 15 years, creating a robust and well-balanced flavor. Its aromas of dried fruit, nut and lime blossom make it an ideal base for long drinks and cocktails, but it's also enjoyable served neat or on the rocks. It has a smooth finish that lingers pleasantly on the palate. Enjoyed by connoisseurs and beginners alike, Ansac VS is a great value for its quality.

Ansac Cognac: Who Manufactures It?

Ansac Cognac is made by Unicognac, a French distillery with a history dating back to 1847. Located in the Fins Bois and Petite Champagne region of Cognac, France, Unicognac produces high-quality cognacs that are bottled at 40% ABV. With almost two centuries of experience, Unicognac has become well-known for its smooth and sophisticated cognacs. Ansac Cognac is one of their signature products and has been enjoyed by connoisseurs around the world for generations.


Ansac VS is a robust and well-balanced Cognac made with grapes from the Fins Bois and Petite Champagne regions in France. With aromas of dried fruit, nut and lime blossom, it is an excellent choice for both cocktails and to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. With a minimum aging time of two years, Ansac VS offers a great balance between quality and value. Its unique flavor profile makes it an ideal Cognac for any occasion.

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