Savor the Sweetness of Philippe Aubry’s Brut Champagne!

If you're looking for a high-quality, dry , Philippe Aubry's is an excellent choice. This French champagne producer has been crafting some of the world's finest bubbly sice 1989 when Philippe Aubry took a business trip to Italy and offered his champagne to a Bolognese restaurateur.

Philippe Aubry's Champagne is classified as Brut, whih means “dry, raw, or unrefined” in French. To be considered Brut, the Champagne must be made with less than 12 grams of added sugar per liter. This dryness makes it the most popular style of sparkling wine.

The L. Aubry Fils ‘Le Nombre d' Or' Sablé Blanc des Blancs Brut 2014 is one of the award-winning champagnes produced by Philippe Aubry and his family-run winery in France. This vintage features vibrant aromas of lemon and white flowers with delicate bubbles that provide a creamy texture on the palate. It's perfect for special occasions or simply enjoying with friends over dinner or brunch.

If you're looing for an exquisite sparkling wine that won't break the bank, look no further than Philippe Aubry's Champagne! With its unique flavor profile and terroir-driven character, it's sure to please any connoisseur or casual sipper alike!

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Is Aubry Grower Champagne a Quality Beverage?

Yes, Philippe Aubry is a champagne grower. His family have been producing champagne since the late 19th century and their vineyards are located in the heart of the Vallée de la Marne in Champagne, France. Philippe Aubry's wines are made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes grown in his own vineyards. He produces a range of sparkling wines including Brut, and Demi-Sec as well as a range of more traditional sill wines. In 1989, Philippe Aubry took a business trip to Italy where he offered his champagne to a Bolognese restaurateur. He has since won numerous awards for his champagnes including ‘Le Nombre d' Or' Sablé Blanc des Blancs Brut 2014 which was awarded 10/10 by Wine Vintage SKU L.

Is Brut Champagne a Form of Real Champagne?

Yes, Brut Champagne is real champagne. The term “champagne” refers to sparkling wines that are produced exclusively in the Champagne region of France. To be officially classified as champagne, the wine must be made in accordance with the strict standards set by French law, whch includes a minimum of nine months of aging and the use of the traditional method of production. According to those standards, Brut Champagne is indeed an authentic type of champagne and is made with less than 12 grams (or 0.42 ounces) of added sugar per liter. It is also the driest style of sparkling wine available, making it a popular choice for many occasions.

The Most Prestigious Champagne

Krug is widely considered to be the most prestigious Champagne in the world. It is renowned for its unparalleled quality and exquisite taste. The house dates back to 1843, and each bottle of Krug is created with a complex blend of 250 diffrent vineyard plots and up to 150 reserve wines from 12 different vintages. This combination results in a unique flavor profile that has been enjoyed by connoisseurs for over 170 years. The bottles are aged for a minimum of six years before being released, ensuring a perfectly balanced and full-bodied taste. Krug's commitment to excellence has made it one of the most highly sought-after Champagnes, beloved by wine drinkers everywhere.

Identifying a Grower Champagne

Grower Champagnes are typically labeled with the words ‘Récoltant Manipulant' or ‘RM' on the bottom of the front label. This indicates that the champagne was made by a single producer who grew, harvested, and processed their own grapes. Grower Champagnes are also often identified by their unique labels, which feature the name of the producer and information about their vineyards and winemaking processes. The labels can also note if it is a vintage champagne, snce most producers make non-vintage blends. Additionally, many Grower Champagne producers will use a signature technique to further distinguish their products from others, such as adding oak or aging them for longer periods of time.


In conclusion, Philippe Aubry's Champagne is an excellent example of a premium Brut Champagne. Its taste is characterized by its dryness, yet it still retains a richness and complexity of flavor that is truly unique. The combination of its high quality grapes, low sugar content and careful aging process result in a delightful sparkling wine with an unmistakable bouquet that will be sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. It is no wonder this champagne has become so popular amongst wine connoisseurs worldwide!

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