What Makes Azacca Hops Unique?

Azacca are quickly becoming one of the most popular hop varieties in the craft industry. Named after the Azacca god of agriculture, these hops were first released in 2014 and have been gaining traction ever since. From their unique flavor and aroma to their versatility and uses, Azacca hops offer a great deal to brewers and beer drinkers alike. Let's take a closer look at what makes Azacca hops so special!

What Makes Azacca Hops Unique?

Azacca hops have an unmistakable aroma and flavor that sets them apart from other varieties. These hops are often described as having notes of citrus, pineapple, and apricot, making them perfect for adding tropical flavors to beers. This is why many brewers use Azacca hops when crafting IPAs, where these fruity flavors can really shine through.

In addition to offering a unique flavor profile, Azacca hops are also incredibly versatile. They can be used in a wide range of beer styles from IPAs to sours, allowing brewers to experiment with different recipes and combinations. This versatility has allowed brewers to create some truly innovative beers that stand out from the rest!

Popular Beers Featuring Azacca Hops

Sierra Nevada's Tropical Torpedo is one of the most popular beers featuring Azacca hops. This beer has tropical aromas and flavors from the combination of Citra and Mosaic hop varieties along with the citrusy notes of Azacca for a truly delicious IPA experience.
Bell's Hopslam is another excellent example of a beer utilizing this unique hop variety. This double IPA is loaded with floral aromas and piney notes thanks to its blend of Simcoe, Centennial, Amarillo, Palisade, Glacier, Magnum and Azacca hop varieties. The result is an incredibly flavorful yet balanced brew that's sure to satisfy any hop lover's palate!
Sour beers are also becoming increasingly popular as more breweries experiment with different combinations of ingredients. Many sours are now incorporating Azacca hops into their recipes for added complexity and depth of flavor. The fruity notes offered by this variety really help bring out the tartness in these brews while balancing out any bitterness from other ingredients like malts or yeasts.

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Why are brewers using Azacca hops in their beers?

Azacca hops are known for their unique aroma and flavor, which has been described as citrus, pineapple, and apricot. Azacca hops are also being used more often in sour beers, where their fruity flavors can really shine.

What are some popular beers that use Azacca hops?

Some popular beers that use Azacca hops include Sierra Nevada's Tropical Torpedo IPA and Bell's Hopslam Ale. Azacca hops are also being used more often in sour beers, where their fruity flavors can really shine.

What Does Azacca Hops Taste Like?

Azacca hops have a bright and refreshing aroma with juicy mango, tropical fruits, and citrus. It is big in Alpha Acids (14-16%) and has a balanced bitterness.

What Hops Pair With Azacca?

The Azacca hop is a relatively new variety that was released in 2014. It has a distinctive tropical fruit flavor and aroma, with notes of pineapple, mango, and citrus. This makes it well-suited for pairing with tropical and citrusy hops like Mosaic, Citra, Ekuanot, Cascade, El Dorado, and Idaho 7. These hops will complement the fruity flavors of the Azacca hop and create a delicious and complex IPA.

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How Do You Use Azacca Hops?

Azacca hops can be used for bittering, but they truly shine in the late additions. A little bit goes a long way, so using it during the whirlpool or as dry-hopping will bring its full tropical fruitiness to life. Some brewers have noted that it can sometimes bring the flavors forward, so it's a great hop to experiment with if you're looking to add a new flavor profile to your beer.

Where Are Azacca Hops Grown?

Azacca hops are grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington State. The Yakima Valley is a major hop-growing region in the United States, and is responsible for producing aound three-quarters of the hops grown in the country.

What Do Azacca Hops Taste Like?

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