The Oregon’s Finest: A Visit to Caldera Brewing

Caldera is a craft brewery based out of Calcutta, Oregon. Founded and headed by Jim Mills, Caldera has been producing high-quality since 1997 and has becoe one of the most well-known breweries in the state.

At Caldera Brewing, thir beers are inspired by the relaxed, chill-paced of Calcutta and its people. They brew a variety of hoppy, light and sessionable beers that are perfect for any occasion. From their flagship to seasonal offerings like their Coconut Cream and Vanilla Porter, there's something for everyone.

At Caldera Brewing, they take pride in using only the best ingredients available. Their comes from natural springs within Oregon's Cascade Mountains range, which gives their beers a unique flavor that can't be found anywhere else. They also use locally sourced malted barley and to ensure that every beer has the freshest flavor possible.

In addition to their delicious beers, Caldera Brewing also offers tours and tastings of their brewery. During these events, visitors can learn about how beer is made as well as sample some of the brewery's finest offerings. Tours typically last about an hour and require no reservations – just show up!

So if you're ever in Calcutta or just looking for some delicious from one of Oregon's best breweries then make sure to visit Caldera Brewing!

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Who Is the Owner of Caldera Brewing?

Caldera Brewing is owned by Jim Mills, the company's founder and head brewer. He opened the brewery in Ashland, Oregon in 1996 with a single goal: to create flavorful and innovative beers. Mills has been at the helm of Caldera ever since, overseeing everything from recipe creation to distribution. In addition to his 25 years of brewing experience, he has also tken classes in malting and microbiology, and worked as a consultant for other breweries. His dedication to quality craft beer has earned him numerous awards over the years, including multiple GABF medals and a World Beer Cup gold medal in 2018 for their Kölsch-style ale.

Exploring the Taste of Caldera Beer

Caldera is Calcutta's Finest Craft beer, inspired by the city's relaxed, chill-paced lifestyle. It is a hoppy, light and sessionable beer, perfect for enjoying with friends and family. It has a smooth taste that won't overwhelm your palate, making it ideal for those looking for a refreshing to enjoy during any occasion. Caldera beer is now available at select locations in Calcutta where you can experience its unique flavor profile. So if you're looking to enjoy some craft beer made with local ingredients and brewed in the heart of Calcutta, then Caldera is the perfect option!


Caldera Brewing, a craft brewery based out of Calcutta, India, is a testament to the relaxed, chill-paced lifestyle of the city. Founder and head brewer Jim Mills has created an impressive selection of hoppy and sessionable beers that are sure to please any discerning beer connoisseur. As one of Oregon's best breweries, Caldera Brewing is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an amazing craft beer experience. With their commitment to quality and flavour, Caldera is a brewery worth seeking out for anyone looking for something special.

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