The Perfect Fall Flavor with Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat Ale!

If you're looking for the perfect to kick off the fall season, look no further than Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat . This light beer is made with real pumpkin, spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice for a uniquely flavorful and seasonal twist on a classic brew.

This dark beer is inspired by Belgian abbey beers and has light caramel notes that provide the perfect balance to its warm spiciness. Orange peel and ginger round out this delicious combination of flavors. The smell alone will have you wanting a sip!

The orange slice garnish is the perfect compliment to this autumnal – it adds just the right touch of sweetness. Whether you're enjoying this beer on its own or pairing it with your favorite seasonal dish, you're sure to find it absolutely delightful.

Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat Ale is available in six packs of 12-ounce bottles, so there's plenty to go arund if you're hosting a fall gathering. If you're planning an outdoor event like a bonfire or Oktoberfest celebration, this beer will be sure to make your party memorable!

Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat Ale may no longer be produced by the brewery but it has remained an iconic fall favorite among enthusiasts for years. So why not give this popular brew a try? You won't regret it!

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The Benefits of Drinking Blue Moon Beer in the Fall

Yes, Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat is an excellent fall beer. It has all the delicious flavor of a classic Blue Moon beer, but with a seasonal twist. The pumpkin flavor comes from real pumpkin and gives the beer just the right amount of spice for a truly enjoyable experience. This light beer is best served chilled and topped with an orange slice for an extra touch of deliciousness. With its subtly sweet taste, it's sure to be a hit at any fall gathering.

Is Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale No Longer Available?

Yes, Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale has been discontinued by the brewery. This beer was first released in 2006 and was popular with fans of Blue Moon's seasonal offerings. Unfortunately, after several years of availability, the brewery made the decision to discontinue this flavor in 2017.

Does Blue Moon Offer a Pumpkin Beer?

Yes, Blue Moon does make a pumpkin beer! It is called Harvest Pumpkin Ale and it is crafted with pumpkin and spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice for a delicious taste. You can get it in a 6 pack of 12 fl oz bottles. Enjoy this unique seasonal wheat beer with 5.7% ABV.

Who Consumes Blue Moon Beer?

Blue Moon is a beer that appeals to a wide variety of drinkers. It has a light and refreshing taste, making it a go-to for those who prefer lighter beers. It has also become popular among craft beer drinkers, as its wheat ale base provides a unique flavor profile. Blue Moon drinkers span all demographics, from young adults to those with more mature palates. The beer's low content and easy drinkability make it a great choice for social gatherings or nights out. Additionally, Blue Moon is one of the few beers that appeals to both sexes, making it an ideal beer for couples looking to share a pint. Whether you're looking for an easy-drinking beer or somethng with a bit more complexity, Blue Moon has something to offer everyone.

Types of Blue Moon Beer

Currently, there are six varieties of Blue Moon beer available: Belgian White, Mango Wheat, Orange Wheat, Caramel Apple Spice Ale, Belgian Table Pils, and Honey Moon Summer Ale. Each of these unique beers offers a unique flavor and experience, so no matter which one you choose you can expect something special. Whether you're looking for something light and refreshing or a more robust taste with citrus notes or hints of caramel apple spice, Blue Moon has something for everyone.


Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat Ale is a unique and flavorful Fall beer. Crafted with real pumpkin and warm spices, this beer adds a seasonal twist to the traditional Blue Moon Ale. Its light caramel notes and hint of orange peel make it an excellent choice for any Fall occasion. Although it is no longer produced by the brewery, its replacement, Harvest Pumpkin Ale, is crafted with the same level of quality and flavor that has made Blue Moon a favorite amongst beer connoisseurs. Whether you're lookng for a beer to enjoy on a cool autumn night or just want something different from your usual brew, Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat Ale is sure to please.

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