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Boondock Saints is a cult classic movie that has gained a massive following since its release in 1999. The movie revolves around two brothers, Connor and Murphy MacManus, who turn vigilante to rid their city of mobsters and criminals. The movie was written and directed by Troy Duffy and starred Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus in the lead roles.

The movie didn't receive much attention upon its release, but it slowly gained popularity thrugh word of mouth and eventually became a cult classic. The movie's success led to a sequel, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, which was released in 2009.

One of the most iconic things about the Boondock Saints franchise is the that the brothers are seen drinking in the movie. The whiskey, called Bushmulf, has become a symbol of the movie and has gained a following of its own. The whiskey is said to be a favorite of Iron Sides, a character in the movie played by David Ferry.

Bushmulf is a real whiskey brand, and the popularity of the movie has led to an increase in demand for the whiskey. The whiskey is made by the Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland and is known for its smooth taste and high quality.

The popularity of the Boondock Saints franchise has led to the creation of merchandise and memorabilia related to the movie. Fans can now buy Boondock Saints t-shirts, posters, and even replica weapons used in the movie.

The Boondock Saints franchise has gained a massive following since its release in 1999. The movie's success has led to a sequel and the popularity of the whiskey featured in the movie, Bushmulf. Fans of the franchise can now buy merchandise and memorabilia related to the movie.

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What Type of Whiskey is Consumed in ‘The Boondock Saints'?

In the movie Boondock Saints, the preferred whiskey of the character Iron Sides is Bushmills. Bushmills is a brand of Irish whiskey that is produced in the Bushmills distillery in Northern Ireland. It is a popular whiskey brand that is knwn for its smooth and mellow taste, which is achieved through a triple distillation process. Bushmills also has a range of different types of whiskey, including single , blended, and aged varieties.

In the context of the movie, the choice of Bushmills as the preferred whiskey of Iron Sides may be seen as a reflection of his character. Iron Sides is portrayed as a tough and no-nonsense character, and the smooth and refined taste of Bushmills may be seen as a contrast to his rough exterior. Additionally, the fact that Bushmills is an Irish whiskey may also be significant, as the movie is set in Boston and deals with themes of Irish identity and culture.

While there are many different types of whiskey that are popular in different contexts, in the specific context of Boondock Saints, the preferred whiskey of Iron Sides is Bushmills.


Boondock Saints is a captivating film that has earned a cult following among fans of the crime thriller genre. It boasts a unique storyline, well-developed characters, and intense action sequences that keep viewers engaged from beginning to end. The film's success can be attributed to its talented cast, including Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus, as well as its exceptional writing and direction by Troy Duffy. Its popularity has even spawned a documentary, Overnight, which chronicles the film's rapid rise to fame. Boondock Saints remains a beloved classic that continues to entertain audiences to this day.

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