The Benefits of CaraFoam Malt

CaraFoam , also known as Carapils malt, is a specialty malt that has gained popularity among brewers for its ability to enhance foam quality, head retention, and body in . This unique malt, produced by Weyermann® in Germany, is roasted to about 2 °L and offers a slightly sweet flavor profile.

Many breweries have started to switch to CaraFoam malt as a substitute for CaraPils malt due to its similar contributions to beer characteristics. Both malts are known for their ability to improve body, foam retention, and beer stability without significantly affecting color or flavor. While there may be subtle differences between the two, most brewers treat them interchangeably.

CaraFoam malt is typically recommended to make up around 5-10% of the grain bill to achieve the desired effect on foam quality and body. However, it is interesting to note that this malt can be used at higher percentages, even up to 40%, without causing any negative impacts on the beer.

One of the key attributes of CaraFoam malt is its high proportion of dextrins and high molecular weight proteins, which are achieved through Weyermann's special malting process. These components contribute to the improvement of foam stability and the addition of body to the beer. Additionally, the malt's unique composition enhances the overall beer stability without introducing any unwanted color or flavor changes.

CaraFoam malt, like other caramel malts, is made from the finest German quality barley. Its production involves a meticulous malting process that ensures consistent quality and performance in brewing.

CaraFoam malt is a dextrine-style malt that offers brewers the opportunity to improve foam quality, head retention, and body in their beers. Its slightly sweet flavor profile adds an additional layer of complexity to the beer. While it is recommended to use CaraFoam at 5-10% of the grist, it can be used at higher percentages without detriment to the beer. This versatile malt has become a popular choice among brewers seeking to enhance the overall sensory experience of their beers.

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What Does CaraFoam Taste Like?

CaraFoam® is a malt produced by Weyermann®, which is known for its ability to enhance the body and mouthfeel of beer, similar to CaraPils®. However, one key difference is that CaraFoam® imparts a slightly sweet flavor to the beer.

The taste of CaraFoam® can be described as having a subtle sweetness that adds a pleasant depth to the overall flavor profile of the beer. This sweetness is not overpowering, but rather serves to enhance the overall drinking experience.

Breweries that are opting for CaraFoam® over CaraPils® are likely doing so because they appreciate the slightly sweet flavor that CaraFoam® brings to their beers. This substitution allows them to achieve the desired body and mouthfeel, while also adding a touch of sweetness to their brews.

CaraFoam® contributes to the beer in a similar way as CaraPils®, providing body and mouthfeel. However, it distinguishes itself with its slightly sweet flavor, making it a popular choice for breweries looking to add an extra dimension to their beers.


CaraFoam malt, also known as Carapils malt, is a versatile and highly beneficial ingredient for enhancing the quality of beer. It is a 2-row caramel malt that is roasted to a light color, typically around 2 °L.

CaraFoam malt is primarily used to improve a beer's foam quality, head retention, and body. It achieves this by adding dextrins and high molecular weight proteins to the beer, resulting in increased body and stability without impacting the color or flavor. This makes it an excellent choice for brewers looking to enhance the overall experience of their beer.

While it is recommended to use CaraFoam malt in a range of 5-10% of the grist to achieve the desired effects, it can be used up to 40% without negatively affecting the beer. This flexibility allows brewers to experiment with different levels of CaraFoam malt to achieve their desired results.

Some breweries have even started to switch from using CaraPils malt to CaraFoam malt due to its slightly sweet flavor, which adds an extra dimension to the beer. However, it is worth noting that both CaraFoam and CaraPils can be used interchangeably in most brewing recipes.

CaraFoam malt is a unique and valuable addition to a brewer's toolkit. Its ability to enhance foam quality, head retention, and body make it a popular choice for improving the overall drinking experience of beer. Whether used in small or larger quantities, CaraFoam malt is sure to contribute to the success of any beer.

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